The ultimate local’s guide to Museon and Gorky Park

The renewed Krymskaya Embankment has merged the Museon Park and the famous Gorky Park, creating a unique area for sports, education, art, culture, dining, family, social and healthy lifestyle activities. It has quickly become a favourite spot for the locals to spend their leisure time. Here is a list of things you can do in the area, in just one day.

Rent a bike

As well as roller blades, scooters or longboards. The rental pavilion is at the very start of the Krymskaya Embankment (Krymskaya Naberezhnaya) and when you’re done, just hand the stuff back in at Gorky Park or Vorobyovy Gory (depending on how far your’ve made it that day). The rental service is open from 11 AM to 10 PM, the rental fee is ≈$2-3 per hour.

See the sculptures in Museon Park

Museon is filled with all kinds of artsy sculptures, making you feel like you have wandered into a magical forest inhabited by creatures from different worlds. Take some time to walk around and enjoy both the greenery and the artists’ masterpieces, you are guaranteed to take some Instagram worthy shots as well!

Sunbathe at the Brusov cruiser

Your next stop is the world’s first creative cluster on the water, located on board the ship called Valery Bryusov moored on the Krymskaya Embankment (10 Krymskaya Naberezhnaya). Here, the cabins house a jewelry store, a Greek fast food cafe, a bookstore, a barber shop, a street art gallery, a fitness studio, various creative shops and concept stores, and much more yet to come. The ship is meant to become one of the leading creative clusters in the city hosting lectures, concerts, parties, co-working spaces and design projects, catering shops and shopping outlets. In the meantime, visitors are welcome to sunbathe on the sun deck, enjoy the beautiful city view, and drink ice-cold Greek coffee.

Learn Moldovan or Uzbek languages at the Shkola Pavilion

At the Museon, you’ll pass Shkola (‘School’), a round shaped wooden pavilion with panoramic windows designed as a dedicated space for open meetups. The summer program includes lectures and workshops, English and French clubs, with seminars and discussions with native speakers, and a school where you can learn Uzbek, Kazakh, Moldovan, and Tajik languages and dive deeper into the cultures of these less explored countries.

Excercise or hang-out at the PUMA Social Club

On your way to the Gorky Park from the Museon, you’ll see the PUMA Social Club (Bld. 32, 9 Ulitsa Krymskiy Val), a modern urban space with concrete pool, ramps and rails for skateboarding, a parkour and a lounge zone. It’s a very popular hangout among skaters and extreme sports fans. Puma Social Club also regularly hosts sporting events, training sessions, and themed parties.

Explore modern art in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Nearby, is the new building of the Garage Museum (Bld. 1, 9 Ulitsa Krymskiy Val), which has become one of the signature attractions in Moscow both in terms of architectural value and when it comes to modern art exhibitions and events. A minimalist parallelepiped, covered with reflective material and resembling Pompidou, the Parisian center, it has a very urban look with its concrete floor, a huge hall, and exposed pipes under the ceiling. The art collections are a whole different story, it’s best to stay up to date with the current schedule on the museum’s website. Worthy of a separate visit, is the artsy and trendy Garage Cafe, with 1960’s furniture, plants in buckets on the tables and pastel color chairs. Serving bistrot style food, its best options are eggs Benedict with salmon for breakfast, a portion of red pepper soup, or an unusual snack or salad for lunch.

Play sports in the outdoors

The orange Sports Center located on the alley near Golitsinsky Pond in Gorky Park is quite easy to find. Here you can play streetball, beach volleyball, football, handball, hockey, and ice skate in winter. All the required equipment is available for rent right here on the spot. Otherwise, just join a jogging group and go for a run in the company of fellow joggers.

Play Petanque in La Boule

Always crowded and lively, spreading sounds of funk all around – La Boule is a hot spot right in the middle of Gory Park, equipped with petanque lanes and supplied with endless Aperols – relaxed atmosphere of a Brooklyn backyard party in the very center of Moscow.

Grab lunch Krylyshko ili Nozhka

When it’s time to make a refreshing stop on your route, we recommend stepping into the gastropub called ‘Krylyshko ili Nozhka’ (‘Wing or leg’) to try some beer, lemonade and soft drinks, cider and wine, accompanying smoked sausage buns (≈$5), branded bruschettas (≈$1.5), burgers and cheeseburgers (≈$7), salads and soups, or the local specialty (as the name suggests) – the crispy chicken wings.

Watch an indie film in the Pioneer open-air cinema

Open during the summer the Pioneer cinema regularly screens independent films as well as blockbusters, kick back and watch a film of your choice under the stars while sipping on a drink (often free from sponsors of these screenings). During the day the venue hosts jazz vocal lessons, public speaking courses, different lectures and science-themed seminars, so its lively and busy at all times.

Catch some sun at the Olive beach

When you reach Pushkinskaya Naberezhnaya (Pushkin Embankment), you’ll get to the Olive Beach. Whenever you visit the place, get ready to join a dance class – zumba, salsa, tango, rock’n’roll, and even Irish dancing. Lazing on the snow-white sun loungers and getting some tan while listening to some lounge tunes is also totally fine!

Drink tea at Puer-Port

With a most beautiful view of the Moskva River, this place on Pushkinskaya Naberezhnaya serves over 30 kinds of teas and some unusual drinks, like teas with spruce juice, berries or syrup, as well as sbiten, lemonade, tea ice-cream, tea cocktails, and tea fruit drinks.

Get some work done in Rabochaya Stantsiya co-working

A quiet place with panoramic windows, surrounded by tall trees of the Neskuchny Garden (30 Leninsky Prospekt), it’s an ideal spot for focused and productive work, especially on a hot summer afternoon. Uniting designers, architects, programmers, artists, and journalists under one roof, this c-working space holds master classes, film screenings, lectures, and conferences and offers workstations with access to the Internet, electricity, a printer, a meeting room, and drinks for a daily, weekly or monthly membership fee.

Dine at Prawns

At the end of your route, drop by this seasonal summer cafe with a wooden veranda and sun loungers on the quay of Vorobyovy Gory (Vorobyevskaya Naberezhnaya), Prawns offers superb food for reasonable prices: salads at ≈$5, meat burgers at ≈$6, ice cream at ≈$3. Here you have high chance of walking into a party, a themed dinner, a poetry evening, a culinary master class, an acoustic concert, or a yoga class.

Watch the stars at the Observatory

If you have some more time to spare in the evening, go back to the main entrance of the Gorky Park (9 Ulitsa Krymskiy Val), where you’ll see a small pavilion of red brick hiding among the trees. Opened back in 1929, the renewed observatory is equipped with a powerful telescope and an automatic sliding dome. In spring and summer you can visit any day, for less than ≈$1.

Chill by the Moscow River

After all, you don’t have to do any of the above at a park. Grab a cup of coffee, a fascinating book or your best friend and crash on one of the benches to watch the clouds pass by on the skies and ships on the Moscow River. A relaxed, lazy day in the park – is very much already a perfect day.

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