6 free art-galleries and museums in Moscow

Although visiting cultural landmarks and exploring a city’s art and history is fun, it does take its toll on the pocket. In this guide we’ll provide you with 6 locations where you can soak up the atmosphere of the artistic part of the city for free.

1. ZiL Museum

On the premises of the famous Sokolniki Park you will find a Museum that is dedicated to the creation of the Zil Automobile plant. These projects were meant to revive the Soviet automobile industry; however, due to the fall of the USSR, they never made it to serial production. The exhibition space is quite huge and features the most famous cars made by the plant: a rare ZIS 101a, an armoured limousine ZIS 115, four-wheel-drive ZIS 110, the only one left, a “Blue Bird” passenger vehicle, that was a part of the expedition for recovering astronauts after landing, a Raisa ZIL 4102, that was constructed specially for Raisa Gorbacheva etc. All the cars are stationed in a big open space, but you cannot touch them.

Address: Sokolnichesky Val 1A

Open Hours: Tue-Sun 10AM-7PM


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2. Akhmatova house museum

This museum is dedicated to Anna Akhmatova, who is regarded as one of the most significant Russian poets of the 20th century. In 1965 she was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize.

This ongoing exhibit is the first ever Museum of Literature, and was created by an auction house. The project brings back memories of the residents of this house – Anna and Ardov, and it is filled with various legendary Ordynka interior pieces, books and drawings that belonged to Akhmatova. It almost looks like a theatrical reconstruction of their living space.The museum not only displays the former residents’ personal belongings, but also houses the famous Ardov library. The books that were gifted to Ardov and Akhmatova have been in hands of many famous poets and historians, and are invaluable. The museum’s interior features original furniture pieces such as the armchairs from the living room, where Arkady Raikin, Boris Pasternak, Dmitry Shostakovich, and other great artists got together for soulful conversations. Here, you’ll find their autographs as well.  A visit to the museum is by appointment only. You can book one by email (horos64@yandex.ru), phone (8-985-649-57-77) or through Facebook (link).

Address: Nikitinsky Pereulok 4a/1

Open hours: Tue-Sun 10AM-7PM


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Публикация от Алексей Петров / Alexei Petrov (@apetrov386)

3. Childhood Museum

If you are a fan of vintage stuff or of the USSR, you must visit this well-lit space, located in the famous Central Kids Store, filled with more than a 1000 exhibits – children’s goods and toys of the 50’s-80’s, including the first Russian teddy bears, tumbler dolls, clockwork models, cars, books, cartoons, etc. Both kids and adults will find this place interesting, you will learn about toys that kids in the Soviet Union played with. Soviet songs, playing on vinyl in the background, are a nice touch to the overall atmosphere of nostalgia and every hour, starting from 12PM you’ll the history of the store is shown on a projector. You can also use the coin machine to make a coin to take home, as a little reminder of your time here.

Address: Teatralny proezd 5/1

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM


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4. ART Story

This modern art gallery, located in the heart of Moscow, is focused on the role of artists in the history of humanity, that’s why the gallery is called ARTSTORY. It hosts both huge group expositions of modern art and small personal showcases, centered around one artist at a time. They work with artists from every country and every genre, from all walks of life and all eras. The expositions are accompanied by lectures, seminars, master-classes and movie screenings. You’ll definitely find something that will speak to you in those 4 rooms filled to the brim with artistic expression and inspiration.

Address: Taropymenovsky Pereulok 14

Open Hours: Tue-Sun 12PM – 8PM


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Публикация от Галерея ARTSTORY (@artstory_gallery)

5. Gary Tatintsian Gallery

This big, minimalistic and postindustrial space specializes in modern art exhibitions. Gary Tatintsian Gallery was moved from New York to Moscow in 2005 and has been open to the public ever since. Here you will have a chance to experience modern, unique and bold art pieces, and possibly discover your new favorite modern artist. The white walls do not distract from the works of art, and the space encourages you to look for more. The exhibitions are compact, but frequent, so you’ll always have your fix of modern art for free. And you can take pictures for your fancy instagram page all you want.

Address: Serebryanicheskaya Naberezhnaya 19

Open Hours: Tue-Fri 12PM – 8PM; Sat 12PM – 6PM


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Публикация от Gary Tatintsian Gallery (@garytatintsiangallery)

6. Art V´u Gallery

Last but not least the Art V’u Gallery offers you not only a window to the world of artists, but the art experts and artists themselves will guide you through the experience and tell you all about the ideas, techniques and concepts of the pieces. The gallery mainly focuses on the Russian artists, sculptors and architects of the 1st half of the XX century. In addition to providing a space for exhibitions, the gallery offers master-classes, that will give you the opportunity to create something exceptional yourself, and it will teach you to understand and value art. The Art V’u Gallery is a place for self-development and knowledge, feelings and creativity. Both children and adults are welcome.

Address: Ulitsa Fotievoy 6, apt. 1

Open Hours: Wed-Sun 10AM-10PM


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Публикация от ART V’U gallery | club| studio (@artvugallery)

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