A perfect winter day in Moscow


I live next to Baumanskaya metro, this is where I start my day. As I head out I grab a takeaway coffee at Kler, the cutest eclair and flower shop right next door to my house. On a regular day I resist the eclairs, but on a perfect day I don’t and get my favorite pistachio eclair too.

There is a free lecture day at Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics located on Rizhskaya. I am here for the lecture of game designer Richard Gray . He is telling us about the creation of games like Doom, Blood, Quake, Sin, Star Trek: Elite Force.

I am not a gamer, I am a marketer. Understanding the gaming trends and mechanisms of working with attention that are used in gaming provides very useful insights for my work.

After the lecture, I am headed to Myasnitskaya Ulitsa to buy a present for my friend, who I am seeing later today. While in the metro I use the free Wi-Fi to post updates to a business Instagram account that I manage. Very convenient to be able to get some work done while I am on my way from one destination to the next.


Taking a leisurely stroll through Myasnitskaya Ulitsa from the Tea Shop all the way to the Red Square. It’s a pleasant 20 min. walk along one of my favorite central streets — enjoying the views and getting some fresh air.

Hopping into the metro on my way to Danilovskiy market to meet my friends for lunch. On my 20 min. metro ride I catch up on the news in Telegram , which by end of 2017 did become the next big thing , at least in Russia. Telegram created a new stage for media consumption by introducing a feature called Telegram channels. Anyone can start their own channel and broadcast whatever they feel like — right in the app directly to that channel’s subscribers.

While the international community is only picking up on Telegram and launching news channels , most Russian media, businesses and bloggers have a Telegram channel already. I catch up on the news on all the things I care about, like the latest books to read , in my messenger feed during one metro ride.

Loaded with news and updates I arrive at Danilovskiy market to have lunch with my friends. As always I hesitate between the Peking Duck from Three Ducks shop, the crab udon with crab leg from Crabs are Coming and the pho bo from Bo (the line to Bo is so long it makes you question your own desire to eat anywhere else).


74, Mytnaya Ulitsa

Resisting slipping into a food coma, we grab an Uber from Danilovskiy and arrive at ‘Garage’ — Museum of Contemporary Art to check out the Takashi Murakami exhibition.

Taking a half an hour stroll over the scenic Krimskiy bridge and beautiful Ostozhenka street to have a coffee at West 4 Coffee and Brew Bar.

Getting our coffee fix and some down time at West 4 Coffee and Brew Bar before the evening out


Another walk through the scenic Moscow center, this time headed to Pyatnitskaya Ulitsa. On our way we pass the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, cross the Moskva River via Patriarshiy Bridge and walk by the Tretiakov Gallery.

Публикация от @kary_noss

We are at the Esse Jazz Club for dinner and an evening of live jazz.

One last round of drinks before we head home. Taking a few steps down Pyatnitskaya and either popping in for a glass of wine at the quiet Chugunniy Most if we are too tired, or heading literally next door for a beer at the lively Punch and Judy Pub if we still want entertainment — they’ve got a mini theatre with burlesque shows on weekends!

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