Where to go in Moscow after the midnight

Night is a favorite time not only for the inveterate party-goers. Especially in Moscow, where the lights of the big city fascinate, enthrall, beckon with their beauty even the hardened larks. So here’s a list of places, from the magnificent streets for those who prefer quiet nighttime walks to popular and trendy bars for those who can’t sleep without a good dinner and a couple of delicious drinks.

The Denis Simachev  Shop & Bar

This club of the Russian designer Denis Simachev, is combined with a boutique and is very popular among celebrities and party-goers. The place is located near the Louis Vuitton shop on the street of  boutiques, where you can take a pleasant walk at any time and listen to the local buskers. In terms of decor, it’s something to behold both interior and exterior wise. Outside, you’ll see the bright and colourful khokhloma – a Russian national ornament and hallmark of Simachev’s clothes. Inside, the walls are painted in anime style. But that’s not all, inside, you’ll find an 18th century bar counter that was brought from England and gorgeous chandeliers made in the 80s. In the summer, you can sit outside on the veranda and enjoy the comings and goings of locals and guests of the city alike. Late in the evenings, especially on weekends, you’ll hear music playing, mostly techno and house, and of course, at some point, like with all things posh in Moscow, face control sets in.

Address: 12/2 Stoleshnikov pereulok

Hours: 24H


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The Mendeleev bar

Yes, be ready for another dose of face control, for this seemingly obscure place, whose entrance  is behind a velvet curtain in a small noodle shop called “Lucky Noodles” is not as easy to get into as you might think.  However, the cocktail menu designed by the famous Russian mixologist Roman Milosteviy is definitely worth the hassle. Once the entry logistics are out of the way, you’ll find yourself in an interior filled with vintage furnishings, stylized as salons of the time of great travelers, in other words – posh AF.  First things first – go for the absinthe based cocktail. If you are filling hungry, feel free to try their tasty Pan-Asian cuisine. From Monday to Thursday the place holds live piano jazz concerts. Famous Moscow DJs play their deep house and techno sets on Weekends.

Address: 20/1 Petrovka ulitsa


Mon: 5 PM — 3 AM

Tus — Wen: 6 PM — 1 AM

Thu: 5 PM — 3 AM

Fri – Sat: 8 PM — 5 AM

Sun: 6 PM — 1 AM


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Gastro bistro the “Tehnikum”

This is a modern gastro bistro in the center of the big city, which is opened next to a theater; hence, a perfect way to continue the evening, after a show.  The spot is all about cooking affordable and tasty everyday food. The small hall of the “Technical College” is divided into two zones: the first is opposite the open kitchen and bar, and is for those who prefer to observe the chefs work.  Through the second zone with panoramic windows and Dmitry Asek’s fresco you can go out onto a small terrace with separate tables. Everything here is about good service and excellent food.

Address: 7/5 bld.2 Bolshaya Dmitrovka ulitsa

Hours: 9 AM – 12 AM


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Kamergersky Pereulok (Lane)

The Kamergersky lane has a romantic French charm and is the best place for an evening walk. It was named after the officials who lived here and who bore the court title “Kamerger” (Chamberlain). Their work was quite simple – just to wear the train of the Empress and sometimes the keys. It became honorable in the times of Peter the Great’s reign.  Now Kamergersky lane is one of the main pedestrian zones with a theater, two museums, inexpensive cafes and restaurants.


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Stoleshnikov Pereulok (Lane)

It was a lane of weavers, who used to make tablecloths for the royal table, which were called “stoleshniki”. Later it was reconstructed and became a commercial lane with different shops.  After the 1917 Revolution, the shops and stores became warehouses; however, at some point they were opened again. Today, it is a wonderful quiet pedestrian zone from Petrovka to Tverskaya streets, a street of boutiques, where you can look through the shop windows and listen to street musicians.


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Ulitsa Kuznetsky Most (Kuznetsky Bridge Street)

From the 18th century and until the Revolution of 1917, Kuznetsky Most was the main shopping street in Moscow, famous for luxurious clothing stores, bookshops, photo shops and restaurants.  The historical traditions of the street are still preserved. Today, this street is always filled with decorations and in party mode. In the evenings, it’s more crowded, because more and more bars and clubs are opened.


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