Made for ladies, by ladies — everything here is meant to meet the needs of a modern woman. The place is tiny, but the tables are set-up at a respectable distance from each other, so your neighbours won’t overhear your girly gossip. The design was developed by Natalia Belonogova, known in Moscow as “the queen of concrete” for the magic she manages to perform with concrete led interiors, but here even the queen of urban brutal style revealed her feminine side: enormous windows (wide open in the summer turning the place into half outdoors) and mirrors with a touch of gold, leather sofas, wooden chairs and lace tablecloths — everything to make you feel like you are in a modern Parisian bistro. The name, however, dilutes a sublime Frenchy atmosphere with the delicacy that is the Russian soul — a slender ‘berezka’ meaning ‘birch’ is believed to be a true symbol of Russia. It fits perfectly because the name became apparent after the restaurant was completed, due to off-white walls with little black stripes, just like birch trees have.

The menu here revolves around healthy-ish reinvented versions of mediterranean dishes. “What a lady is expected to order” kind of menu with things like beetroot gazpacho with goat cheese and raspberry or sweet potato hummus with poached egg, smoked oil, and chipotle. For those who still feel more human than fairy, there are some down to earth options like the classical onion soup or yellow chicken with broccoli, chickpeas, and potato cream. All the ingredients are fresh and the food is cooked in an open kitchen, which is always a good sign. One of the signature dishes here is the “nicoise bar” whereby you get to pick and choose the ingredients to create your own version of this classic salad. Another thing not to miss is their deserts, rumour has it «Berezka Bistrot» serves the best pastries in all Patriarch’s Ponds! The tea and coffee will come in the cutest china sets, that will make even early morning tea feel like high tea.

Altogether it’s a lovely place for a catch up with a girlfriend for some gossip over a very instagrammable lunch, or breakfast served daily from 10 AM till 2 PM. Did we mention it’s dog friendly too?

Menu preview: Grilled pumpkin with maple sauce (≈$12)
Salmon with wild mushrooms (≈$22)
Seabass with avocado (≈$20)
Hours: 10 AM — 11 PM
Address: 20/1 Malaya Bronnaya Ulitsa

Severyane (the Northerners)
A wildly popular restaurant with inventive starters and the best baked vegetables in your life
Severyane (the Northerners)
A wildly popular restaurant with inventive starters and the best baked vegetables in your life
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