Inspiring Moscow and Tea

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to warm up our minds and hearts. For this we’ve created a tiny “journey” for you, filled with heartwarming art and warm, soothing tea.

First, we’ll need to satisfy the thirst for art, so the first two stops will be an art gallery, called Triumph and a museum-exhibition center, called the “Fashion Museum”.

Triumph Gallery

The Triumph gallery focuses on contemporary art and works with major Russian and international artists, while also supporting young artists through its Launchpad project. The main theme, that is seen throughout the works of the artists, that are featured at the gallery, is the problems and events of the modern society. Slowly walk around the space and soak up the atmosphere that is unique to everyone, because the art is multidimensional and has no harsh boundaries. Another bit of good news –  there is no entrance fee, which makes the experience even sweeter!

Address: Ilyinka Ulitsa 3/8, bld. 5

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-8PM


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Fashion Center

The Fashion Center is the first museum in Russia dedicated to the history of fashion. The collection includes more than 2000 pieces of clothing and accessories from Russia, Europe and USA of the late XIX – XXI century, both mass produced and unique, no-name and branded pieces. The museum also hosts various exhibitions, cultural and educational events, lectures etc. It is a unique place, where imagination and inspiration flow endlessly, and where you’ll always find something new and exciting, even if it is from a different century. The entrance fee is only about $2.5 and every third Sunday of the month the doors of the museum are open to everyone.

Address: Ilyinka Ulitsa, bld. 4

Open Hours: Tue-Wed 11AM-7PM; Thu 12PM-9PM, Fri-Sat 12PM-8PM; Sun 11AM-6PM


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“Prosto tak” Shop

After the exciting art journey through the past and present your feet take you to a store called “Prosto tak” (For no reason/Just for fun), which is filled with wondrous soft and cuddly creatures and things. The store has a whole section, dedicated to soft and fuzzy clothes that you’ll need in the winter. People stereotype Russia, depicting people in fur-hats and fur coats, but you can break this stereotype by getting, for example, a pair of warm socks with pineapple juice bottles, or mittens, shaped just like raspberries. Here you’ll also find cute chocolates that are meant to cheer you up, fun puzzles with upbeat messages and much more. The cutesy creatures also will make you squeal with excitement, that’s how adorable they look.

Address: Ulitsa Zabelina 3/7

Open Hours: 11AM-9PM


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Chaynye Dela

Now that you are maxed out on all things cute and cuddly, you are probably a bit tired and thirsty. Don’t you worry, because the next stop is a tea-shop, called “Chaynye Dela” (Tea affairs). It is located in a mansion built in 1918, but it has a totally different vibe to it. If you go to the second floor, you can try out one of their transparent hammocks, where you can enjoy a warm cup of well brewed tea and look down at the first floor. The assortment of teas range from the usual and traditional types and styles of brewing to the more elaborate and unique tea ceremonies. Every Saturday, people gather here to play an ancient Chinese game called Go. The number of players is unlimited, which gives every customer an opportunity to play. Every Sunday you’ll be able to attend a movie screening with tea and a discussion afterwards. This place is truly a quintessence of calmness and energy recharge.

Address: Armyansky Pereulok 3-5, bld. 10

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 12PM-12AM


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Chistoprudny Boulevard

After you’ve done recharging your body and your mind, go over to the Chistoprudny Boulevard to finish this exciting journey. The boulevard is filled with the sounds of the everyday life, quite a contrast after the calming tea place. On the boulevard you can meet people from all walks of life, from artists to students and businessmen. When you go from the Painting Academy onto the Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, you’ll get a chance to see the Tea House. This unique 3-story building is decorated in Chinese style and the inside is even more gorgeous than the outside. The Tea House, according to its name, is still a Tea Shop.

And on that “tea” note you’ve come to the end of the route. You can spend a lot of time on the Chistoprudny Boulevard or Pokrovka, and all you need to do is look around to find your inspiration.


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