Moscow’s hidden places serving dishes from the former Soviet Union

Although the Soviet Union is long gone, the cuisine of the former Soviet Republics still bind people and cultures together. Discover Moscow’s best Soviet cuisine spots, with our list of 6 authentic places catering traditional food with national singularity.

Bai-Khan, Kyrgyz cuisine

Kyrgyzstan is a country of sun and friendly people, and Kyrgyz cuisine reflects this perfectly. In “Bai-Khan” café you will find not only tablecloths with authentic ornaments or waiters serving in traditional costumes but a quintessence of Kyrgyz eating tradition. Definitely try beshbarmak or lagman (~$6) – it’s a key dish of Kyrgyz and Turkic cuisine based on meat,  homemade mealy noodles and all kinds of veggies. Another salient Central-Asian dish is manti – dumplings filled with spiced meat, usually lamb (~$7). For beverages you can choose from a variety of national drinks starting with ayran – fermented cow milk.

Address: 62/1 Ulitsa Bolshaya Ordynka, Dobryninskaya metro station

Directions: The café is located next to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan along the street. Pass it, head to the closest intersection, find a door on the left without any signboard – you’re there!

Hours: 10 AM-11 PM


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Moldova, Moldavian cuisine

Employees of the Moldavian Embassy also need a place to enjoy their meals. This restaurant offers a great choice of culinary specialties: it’s a must to try guvech – stewed vegetables, as it’s an inalienable part of national cuisine. It’s also worth ordering the mamaliga porridge and filled placinda tortillas. In this way, a fine dinner of 3 courses will cost you ~$12. Moldova (also known as Moldavia) is also well known for its wine, so don’t hesitate to try a glass of the legendary Negru de Purkari, the wine that was served for queens Victoria and Elizabeth II.

Address: 7 Ulitsa Rozhdestvenka, Kuznetsky Most metro station

Directions: Once you’re on the premises of the Moldavian Embassy, show your ID to the personnel, and they will accompany you to the restaurant’s entrance.

Hours: 12 PM-12 AM (till the last guest)


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Verasy, Belarusian cuisine

Soviet public catering was a very specific and significant part of Soviet people’s life. Verasy canteen takes you back in the USSR and represents its best traditions: lower prices, delicious food and peculiar service (be ready to hustle for a waiter’s’ attention). The spot serves traditional Belarusian meals that are actually very close to Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, but still authentic, because the majority of dishes are based on, or come with a heavy serving of potatoes. It’s worth trying the cold beetroot soup kholodnik (~$0.8), smashed potatoes with zrazy – meat roulade (~$1.5) – and crazy potato pancakes draniki (~$1) with mushrooms and onions.

Address: 6 Armyanskiy Pereulok, Kitay-gorod metro station

Directions: Enter the “Polesiye” Hotel and turn right. There you’ll find the canteen

Hours: 7:30 AM-10 PM


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Georgievskoe podvoriye (George’s Courtyard), Georgian cuisine

This café, located in a quiet cozy place far from noisy Moscow traffic and scurry is popular among Georgians. Spend your leisured lunch enjoying traditional cheese-filled bread khachapuri (~$7) or khinkali dumplings with vegetable or meaty stuffing (~$4) – these two dishes represent the typical Georgian table – as well as borjomi mineral water (~$3) said to contain elements that are very good for the health.

Address: 13 Ulitsa Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, Barrikadnaya and Ulitsa 1905 goda metro stations

Directions: The place is situated in the building in front of St. George’s Church on the 2nd flour

Hours: 10 AM-9 PM


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Kavkazskaya Plennitsa

The restaurant belongs to one of Russia’s famous restauranteurs Sergey Novikov, and is one of his earlier creations. Since opening its doors in 1998, it has become one of the most famous themed restaurants in Moscow.  The restaurant was named after a famous Soviet movie of the same name and offers its guests authentic Georgian cuisine. The interior is a blast from the past, with walls adorned with photos of scenes from this iconic movie and wax figures of some of the main characters all over the place. Sans the movie related decor, overall, the restaurant looks like a typical Georgian farmhouse. Here you can sample traditional Caucasian home-made dishes like shish kebab, hinkali, lulah kebab, chakhokhbili, chicken tabaka, khachapuri, satsivi, and of course, the famous Georgian wines. ‘It is good to live, but to live well is better’ – a saying that holds true in this place.

Address: Prospekt Mira, 36

Opening hours: 12 noon – Midnight


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Strana Kotoroy Net

Translated as Neverland, although it would be more accurate to translate it as ‘The non-existent country’ this is another project brought to you by the Novikov group, and is located in the very heart of Moscow, right next to the Red Square. The restaurant offers an all in one experience of the cuisines of the former Soviet republics, and a few other Asian countries as well. This means you can enjoy your Russian borsch, while your other friends are having Japanese Tom Yam, Georgian Shashlik and Uzbek Cheburek, all at the same table. Since it’s a fusion of many cultures, food wise, the owners wisely limited the restaurant’s ethnic diversity to the food and drinks menu. Its interior is very modern styled, with an open kitchen and plenty sitting space, although, be warned, it’s a very popular spot, so prior reservation is highly advised.

Address: Okhotnyy Ryad 2

Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 10 am – Midnight

Fri: 10am-1am

Sat 12pm-1am

Sun 12pm-12am


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