Moscow’s popular drinking spots

There are many who have found inspiration at the bottom of a glass, the world over. Health implications aside, this has lead to some literary masterpieces, for which many are grateful, except, probably, the livers of the maestros. There are quite a few spots in Moscow, where renowned Russian writers, artist and poets frequented and even drew inspiration from. Here are a few, in case you are also looking for some inspiration.


Ryumochnaya is a good place to start. Is was popular with the Russian intelligentsia, who have been coming here since the beginning of the 20th century. Outstanding Russian poets and writers Pasternak and Esenin had a fight here, and the world famous Konstantin Stanislavsky often came here after hard day’s work in the theater. Today, this place is loved by famous contemporaries such as the prominent writer Vladimir Orlov, the creator of  the poetic project Biennale Danil Faizov, different actors, and others in the world of art and culture. So don’t be surprised if you bump into an impromptu poetry recital or an all bar karaoke. The interior successfully combines past and present, down to the newspapers clippings and photos dating back all the way to the 70s.

Address: 22/2 Bolshaya Nikitinskaya ulitsa

Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM


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Staraya Bashnya

Staraya Bashnya means The Old Tower in English. The Old Tower is situated in the historical center of Moscow, at the foot of the Kremlin, in one of the ancient towers of the Kitay-Gorod Wall, dating back all the way to the 19th century. It’s a four storey building restaurant that serves its own smoked delicacies and focuses mainly on Russian cuisine. Popular among the locals and tourists alike, its interior resembles the chambers of the Tsars, and the views form the upper floors are definitely worth coming for. The first floor is an “Old Russian bar” with an oak bar counter, real cast-iron big gins of the 19th century, amazing brick arches on the ceiling, ancient Moscow maps, forged lamps and a collection of antique bottles. The second floor is decorated in oil and canvas portraying the Tsar’s archers. The third floor has a lovely fireplace and loads of oak furniture. The topmost floor is really set as if for the Tsars. The chairs resemble thrones and the red dome-shaped ceiling is decorated with authentic blazons of Russian cities and regions. This is crowned with a solid luster of forged metal and stained glass. Entertainment sometimes includes Russian folk music and a dancing bear..yes, you read right. Russian decor, Russian cuisine, Russian music…what’s not to like.

Address: 5/1 Teatralnaya Ploshad’

Hours: 12 PM — 12 AM


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The Zhiguli Bar

Ever wondered what Soviet pubs looked like? Well, here’s your chance. Soviet cuisine, modernized furnishing, brand beer and people from all walks of life. Even Vladimir Putin and Dmitriy Medvedev have been the guests of the place. In the Soviet era, Zhiguli was THE beer – expensive and almost impossible to get (not without queuing up or cutting the queue by paying extra for the beer). The restaurant has been featured in several films and has become a landmark of its own. Of course now you can walk in, take a seat and order anything you like, and at reasonable prices, beer included. Although, you might want to consider booking a table on the weekend, as many come for the live music. So if you’re looking to journey back to the USSR, this is a good place to start! It’s perfectly situated between the New and Old Arbat streets, so it’s an ideal way to start or end your tour of both streets.

Address: 11 Noviy Arbat ulitsa


Mon—Thu, Sun: 12 PM – 2 AM

Fri-Sat: 12 PM — 4 AM


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