Remi Kitchen Bakery

Born in Paris, the bistronomy movement exploded to become the biggest restaurant revolution in recent years — no more tyranny of haute cuisine, hooray to creative, beautifully served and affordable food! And Russians, as we know, do love a good revolution; hence it’s no wonder that this concept has fast become a trend.

For many, it was love at first sight, the second they stepped into this neo bistro, located on Bronnaya Ulitsa. Remy Kitchen Bakery is the brainchild of restaurateur Alexander Organezov and Australian brand-chef Glen Ballis, and the interior was designed by the Sundukov sisters. It definitely is impossible to resist the charm of its decor: hand-painted walls and floors, a perfect combination of pastel colours, enormous windows, and two spacious light halls, furnished with cozy sofas — simple and tasteful.

The concept of this place was meant to be a marriage of restaurant and a bakery, while the menu is a fusion of European and Asian cuisines. While fusion of European and Asian might sound like something very adventurous, the food in Remy Kitchen Bakery is actually very straightforward, as neo bistro food should be. Steamed chilean sea bass with spinach; taco with beef rib and green pepper salsa; scallops with garlic oil and tomatoes — so simple, yet so delicious.

The breakfasts in Remy Kitchen Bakery deserve a special honorary mention. No wonder, since it’s a bakery after all, as well. This place constantly tops various “best breakfast in the city” lists with their pastries (croissants are baked twice a day!) and breakfast constructor — you order a “base” like porridge, omelet or freshly baked bread (≈3) and then add separate toppings to your liking charged separately.

Given its location just steps away from Patriarchi Ponds, legendary breakfasts and delicious dinners, this place is quite bubbly any time of the day.


2/1 Bronnaya Ulitsa


12 PM — 12 AM


Grilled salmon with asparagus ≈$13
Grilled pumpkin with almond puree ≈$9
Sweet potato soup with crab ≈$10

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