The 10 outdoor terraces with exotic food

No matter what kind of cuisine you are currently craving, we have the best recommendations where you can have it satisfied – outdoor – and enjoy not only your meal but also the fantastic summer weather.

Zhizn Pi

The restaurant Zhizn Pi (‘Life of Pi’) immerses its guests into the atmosphere of Indian culture and traditions. The interior, with colorful furniture, fresh flowers, carved columns, panoramic windows, original dark wood decorations, various luminous elements and a miniature pond with live fish, plunges guests into a tranquil atmosphere filled with aroma oils and relaxing music. Tandoor, Indian national dishes, inclusive of numerous vegetarian options, are cooked by Indian chefs and are generously flavored with curry and other signature Indian spices. There is a large cocktail list offering drinks made with traditional spices and oils.

Bamboo Bar

With a luxurious summer terrace equipped with hammocks, swings, and tents to shelter from the rain, Bamboo Bar is a tropical exotic island amid the concrete jungle of Moscow-city business district and Presnenskaya Embankment. Here you will find a twelve-meter long contact bar stocked with all kinds of spirits, pan-Asian dishes, meat perfectly cooked on a special eco-grill, and some of the most glamorous parties in the city.

Odessa Mama

Odessa – a city in Ukraine – was built as a city of equal opportunities for people of different confessions and nationalities: Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Armenians, Greeks, Romanians, etc and each tried to outdo the neighbour in cooking. Over time, Odessa’s cuisine has turned into a mix of the brightest culinary traditions from all the different nationalities living side by side. The menu of this restaurant is a reflection of that unique cultural and gastronomic phenomena. The menu lists things like potatoes with cracklings, mackerel with onions, pasta with ground beef, kilka and green soup with veal ribs. Comfort food at its best, like your grandma from Odessa would make, if you had one.


The restaurant’s terrace on the synagogue’s roof, revealing a magnificent view of the historical Moscow houses and streets around the Patriarch’s Ponds, serves Caucasian and kosher dishes, including shakshuka, hummus, falafel, and flat cakes from tandoor.

Pryanosti and radosti

Spices and sweets

Smothered in the foliage of willows, poplars, and maples in Gorky Park, ‘Pryanosti i Radosti’ will make you forget that you are in the center of a busy megapolis. From here, guests can admire the stunning views of the Golitsynsky Ponds, the Moskva River, and the Frunzenskaya Embankment in a relaxing atmosphere set by lounge-sets and live music played on the restaurant’s cozy veranda. The menu features classic Georgian dishes: lots of meat, kutaby (stuffer flatbreads), khachapuri (gerogian national cheese pies), satsivi (chicken in nut and herb sauce) and shish kebabs.

Madame Wong

The concept of this Pan-Asian restaurant, located in the courtyard of the Beliye Sady business center, was inspired by the life of Madame Wong – the elusive queen of pirates of Southeast Asia. Her adventures and passion for travel inspired the concept of gastronomic travels around Asia, translating into a menu featuring a wide variety of dishes from different Asian regions, based on the classic recipes as well as chef’s original creations. Low-calorie, vegetarian, and vegan selection here is quite impressive as well.


This chain of modern Georgian eateries is best known for brunches and dinners for big parties, since there is a lot to offer to families specifically: there is a large children’s playground, a hammock, a swing and table tennis, and homemade Georgian food like khinkali, khachapuri, phali, and hearty shish kebabs.

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A 24-hour veranda in the courtyard of Sadovoy Koltso, with a bar, a playground for children, and a hen house with real chickens. Cook’kareky is the ultimate breakfast place since the menu here consists entirely of breakfasts. Even a simple egg is cooked differently in different countries, and here you can try a classical sunny-side-up, a Japanese tomago, a Russian coddled egg, a French egg Benedict with Dutch sauce, an Azerbaijani kukyu served with cheese and dried tomatoes, or a Thai egg with peanuts and teriyaki sauce.

Est khinkali, pit’ vino

Translated as ‘eat khinkali and drink wine’, this eatery is located in a quiet Moscow courtyard. At its cozy patio guest are welcome to try traditional Georgian dishes and, particularly, their special – khinkali, a Georgian dumpling with various fillings. In fact, there are about 20 varieties of khinkali here originating from different regions of Georgia.



The name fits this place perfectly – a favorite of the young, hip, and creative crowd ‘Yunost’ treats its guests with a fusion menu of dishes inspired by cuisines of different countries, lots of homemade liqueurs and infusions, and a terrace sinking in the greenery of the nearby trees in the very center of Moscow.

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This daring call defines the concept and the name ‘Yesh Hleb’ of a restaurant opened in the centre of Moscow
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Eat Bread!
This daring call defines the concept and the name ‘Yesh Hleb’ of a restaurant opened in the centre of Moscow
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