The name speaks for itself and we could have stopped right here, but we won’t, cause we don’t want you to miss this place.

The restaurant is, obviously, all about crab and claims to have selected a wine to pair with each kind of crab they serve. You’ll find 8 species of crab on the menu, including Russian specialties — King red crab and Kamchatka crab. Live crustaceans are displayed in water tanks and on ice.

Glossy elements, blue tints and spotlights in the décor make you think of the sea, but just for a minute — there are more wine bottles than aquariums inside. The terrace is a separate topic, it’s simply one of the best terraces in the city in the summer.

The menu has two sections: the seafood section and the crab section (that what we’re here for, right?) These days no one raises an eyebrow when seafood dishes are clocking anywhere from $40. That’s why it’s such a surprise to see numerous (≈$10–13) crab courses. Nothing changed, but all of a sudden you start feeling very wealthy being able to afford all that crab! Spoiler alert: more pleasant surprises coming when the food arrives on the table.

First in line of surprises — a glass of prosecco and a bread basket with crab butter (what a lure!) are served as compliments. And below are some of the dishes we insist you try:

GAZPACHO WITH CRAB (≈$8). If you don’t want to tinker with crab, ask the chef to open it up in the kitchen.

KASHA WITH CRAB (≈$9) brings a Russian touch to the menu. This is a local interpretation of a risotto turned into a colorful main course. The kasha is bright green and promises flavors of 17 herbs — very delicate and excellent with crab.

DUMPLINGS WITH CRAB (≈$10). Rumour has it that only one out of 10 chefs knows the difference between dumpling, dim sum and ravioli dough, and the dough here is phenomenal! Crab stuffing is tender with a hint of cream cheese, the serving is topped with crab meat, and the stock teases your taste buds.

PARCEL FROM THE FAR EAST (≈$13) is delivered wrapped in paper and sealed with wax. Three big shrimps with sweet meat, and the rest of it is only buttery crab ready to be taken out from its shell. Foodgasm, as they say!

Wine lovers will be equally pleased with Wine & Crab. Both the wine selection and presentation are absolutely stunning. You can pick your wine on an Ipad or accompany the knowledgeable sommelier to the wine cellar to make your choice.

Do go to the cellar, it’s an experience on its own. In Wine & Crab it’s alright to be in doubt which wine to pair with your crab — spend some time in the designer cellar section and get some advice.


19-21/1 Nikolskaya Ulitsa


12 PM–12 AM



If you think that we mentioned the workd “crab” way too often — well, that’s what you’ll remember for a long time after eating at Wine & Crab!

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