Long gone are the days when vegetarians in Russia were limited to side dishes and salads when eating out. Vegetarian and vegan places are spreading like wildfire all over the country. In this post we will introduce you to the 5 best spots in Saint Petersburg for any taste and budget.



One of the vegetarian food pioneers in the city, Botanica offers a range of meatless versions of familiar dishes and some exotic ones too, all flawlessly cooked and beautifully served. Vegan and raw menus are available, as is alcohol to balance off the healthy lifestyle.

  Address: 7 Ulitsa Pestelya

  Hours: daily 11 AM–12 AM

  Menu: Cream of broccoli (≈$4)

  Braised vegetables in sauce (≈$6)

  Lumumba chocolate mousse (≈$3)


Prekrasnaya Zelenaya

La Belle Verte, like the film

This place is becoming increasingly hardcore vegetarian – there are no dishes containing fish or eggs, while the selection of vegan dishes keeps increasing. The menu is not revolving around any specific cuisine, just all sorts of good meals and fruit cocktails, lassies, and teas. Alcohol or smoking are not allowed.

  Address: 41 Mokhovaya Ulitsa

  Hours: Monday–Friday 10 AM–11 PM,
  Saturday–Sunday 11 AM–11 PM

  Menu: Peach and chocolate cottage cheese pie (≈$2.3)

  Pumpkin, fig and couscous curry (≈$3)

  Ripe persimmon and orange salad (≈$4)


Troitsky Most

Troitsky Bridge

The only vegetarian chain in the city serving affordable soups, pastas, lasagnas, salads and desserts prepared in own pastry shop and bakery. Daily and weekly specials, reasonable prices and non-pretentious interior.

  Address: 9/2 Kamennoostrovskiy Prospekt and 2 more

  Hours: 8:30 AM–10:30 PM

  Menu: Soybean lasagna (≈$2/100 g)

  Mushroom and rice stuffed zucchini (≈$2/100 g)

  Lentils with veggies (≈$2/100 g)



A small Indian restaurant with a truly oriental interior and a sizeable menu. The food is obviously spicy. On the drinks front — the teas and coffee come from all over the world and there are some rare alcohol finds, like the Tibetan wine.

  Address: 7 Bolshaya Moskovskaya Ulitsa

  Hours: daily 11 AM–11 PM

  Menu: Traditional spicy Indian soup with eggplant, tomato, greens (≈$3),

  Raja of Kashmir: soybean, cheese, veggie steak with tomato grape sauce (≈$10),

  Rajput dynasty treasure (melon stuffed with pumpkin, potato, exotic vegetables) (≈$14)


Chainyi Dom

Tea House

The interior of Chainyi Dom transports you to a majlis with its low cozy puffs covered with bright throws. Authentic Indian chefs toned down the spice and adjusted the menu to the European taste. Here you can find roughly 50 kinds of tea, fresh juice-based cocktails, various hookah flavors and even Chinese tea ceremonies.

  Address: 5/22 Dumskaya Ulitsa and 24 Ulitsa Rubinshteina

  Hours: daily 11 AM until the last customer

  Menu:  Seasonal vegetables, greens and “Seasons” dressing (≈$4),

  Fresh veggie and tomato sauce pita (≈$5),

  Pumpkin or spinach and cheese manty (dumplings) (≈10),