As you stroll around the center of Rostov, don’t be surprised by the juicy smells of steak by the centrally located Pokrovski garden- it just means that you’ve finally found the New York grill bar. You will also see it from afar in the evenings, the entire building is lit with thousands of fairy string lights. This place can’t wait to be discovered.

The cuisine here is a mix of European and American dishes. The haute cuisine fans come here to try New York’s signature smoked salmon with mozzarella mousse, while those after a straightforward substantial dinner enjoy one of seven kinds of burgers. The steak meets everyone halfway — it’s excellent and leaves no room for disappointment. The desserts are fantastic as well, chef’s chocolate cakes are a perfect finishing touch to a delightful dinner in New York grill bar.

Just as the cuisine, New York grill’s design also vibes fusion. Different materials come together: cold steel of the lamps is contrasting with the warmth of wood; brutality of brick walls is softened by fluidity of drapery and bright art pieces on the walls. The two-storey restaurant definitely has a distinct character.

It doesn’t end with delicious food, on weekends you can also come here to dance the night away — the first floor of the restaurant turns into a dance floor while hottest Rostov DJs are dropping some beats. Several times a month they host live music performances too. If you are looking for an all-perfect dining experience in Rostov, take a note of this place.

  Menu: New York burger (≈$4)

  Beef steak with mushroom sauce (≈$5)

  Chocolate cake (≈$3)

  Hours: 12–1 AM

  Address: 113/35 Bolshaya Sadovaya Ulitsa