These amusing city sculptures may not be worth making a special visit to, but if you do happen to be nearby, be warned that there is a fun pic opportunity.



No one would be surprised with a monument to mothers, but this one pays tribute to fathers, specifically honoring fathers of triplets in this case. The names of the Sochi gentlemen lucky enough to be commemorated are listed on the stone scroll next to the funny owl figures.

  Address: 12 Navaginsky Blvd



Straight out of one of the cult Soviet animated films “Mowgli”, Panther Bagheera has seen several generations of Sochi natives grow up. It’s been painted pink and back to black, dressed in a warm coat and has even been a victim of a kidnapping attempt. However, it’s still around, and still a local favourite.

  Address: 1 Sokolova St.



A monument to the archetypal tourist, one of the key figures in the city of Sochi, has been gracing Russia’s resort capital for almost two decades. It’s all there — a camera, sunglasses, flip-flops and a belt bag. He’s looking curiously at the bypassers and posing for pics.

  Address: 37 Kurortnyj Prospekt


Breaking arrows

The powerful female rider has been breaking arrows on the go since 1976. The equestrian sculpture used to symbolize the Soviet people striving for peace and brotherhood, but the symbolism is mostly lost now on the leisurely crowd strolling around it.

  Address: Tsvetnoy Blvd


Makeawish ear

Located in a busy tourist area, this huge ear just may fulfill your wish, so whisper your most most sacred one into it, and leave the rest to magic. It is believed that it can only be done once a year, so pick your wish carefully.

  Address: 12 Navaginsky Blvd