Not at all in a central location, which makes Pub XIII all the more interesting. Naturally being in the spotlight of a downtown location keeps restaurant businesses in shape, while the owners of this place are clearly self-driven and passionate to have put all that love and effort into a pub tucked away closer to the suburbs.

Let’s have a look at the bar first — it’s a pub, after all. 12 kinds of beer on tap, and about 140 kinds of craft, including rare European varieties. You will find honey mint brew (≈$3), Belgian coriander blanche (≈$4) or traditional cider (≈$4) to name just a few. Numerous weekly specials are also a tradition.

The menu mostly covers the European favorites: burgers, steaks and pasta and a few soups and salads to choose from. Try the crunchy eggplant salad (≈$5), salmon vinaigrette salad (≈$5), chicken cream rilette (≈$3), “hangover” soup with parmesan. Bandit pasta (≈$7) seems criminally spicy at first, but if you squeeze the lime juice into it, the flavour goes through an instant transformation.

The old-fashioned interior has leather couches and bulky armchairs sitting side by side with old vinyl records and satin curtains. As far as the music is concerned, they’ve got an open piano in the room, live cover group concerts on the weekends, and good old vinyl. They were also the first ones in Samara to join Gusli app — the tech version of a jukebox, which allows you to order a song to be played at the café or restaurant that you’re in.

Even though it’s a place off the beaten central track, if you do care to make a detour to Pub XIII, you’ll absolutely enjoy your time there.

  Address: 6 Gubanova St.