5 off the beaten path locations in Rostov-on-Don

If you are looking for authentic and inspiring things to see in Rostov, try these places. Some of them are more touristy and some are none at all — pick the ones that suit your mood.

Hang out at the
Creative Space

This ex-industrial building was turned into a trendy contemporary art / educational / alternative shop / office space by a group of local young architects. There’s also a photo studio, a barber shop, and for the real aficionados — the best bike rental in Rostov that’s open all-year-round.

Stroll along Bolshaya
Sadovaya Ulitsa

Swerve from the central streets and dive into the quiet sundrenched old districts heading towards the Don River. Peek inside the green courtyards where drying clothes are hanging on the strings, reminding of the Mediterranean. At the end of Bolshaya Sadovaya, find yourself on the embankment of the glorious Don River to watch the ships go by at sunset.

Tabachka Center

The aged brick ex-tobacco factory was revamped into a co-working and office space, but unless you’re already planning to establish a business in Rostov, come here to check out the line-up of some of the trendiest restaurants, bars and cafes in the city.

Zolotoy Kolos bakery and

This Soviet-era grand cafe has successfully survived the transition to capitalism and still serves a truly delicious and enormous selection of pastries, cakes and sweets. A Rostov landmark and a place to satisfy any sweets cravings.

Nativity of the Blessed
Virgin Mary

A grand cathedral in the bustling center of the old Rostov stands for spirituality as the core foundation of the city. The surrounding areas, however, offer all the materialistic pleasures — shops, flea markets, vintage diners and bars.

Sky restaurant
Fantastic view of Rostov and a traditional Russian menu.
Sky restaurant
Fantastic view of Rostov and a traditional Russian menu.
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