FIFA 2018 fanzones guide

There are 11 official fan zones – 1 in each of the 11 cities hosting the Fifa World Cup. All the fan zones are located in the central and historical areas. This will give fans a perfect mix of sports and cultural tourism, which is a worthy blend, given all the sights and sounds of Russia. FIFA related activities will include music concerts featuring Russian and foreign artists, as well as food courts, and souvenir shops scattered throughout the fan zones. They will open 2 hours before the first match of the day and remain open until the last match . All the fan zones have free WiFi for you to share the joy online!

Here is a quick briefing on each of the 11 fan zones by city:


The fan zone will be set-up in Vorobyovy Gory — one of the best spots to see the panorama over the city and right in front of the Moscow State University — one of the Seven Sisters buildings. You will have a view over the Moskva River, Moscow City, Ostankino Tower and the main stadium of the World Cup 2018 — Luzhniki in the foreground. During the championship, the Luzhniki Stadium will turn into a giant interactive scoreboard and the current score of the matches will be shown on the media facade on the roof of the arena.

To arrive at this zone you can take the metro or the free buses that run from the metro station “Kievskaya” and the stadium “Luzhniki”.

Location: Vorobyovy Gory, on the lawn in front of the Moscow State University
Capacity: 25 000

Saint Petersburg

The fan zone will be located in the same spot as it was during the 2017 Confederations Cup — near the Church of the Savior of Blood, impossible to miss, so that should help you navigate your way faster. If you live in the city center you can get here by foot.. If you live far from the center you can reach the fan zone by taking the metro to the “Nevsky Prospect” station and taking the Griboedov Canal exit. The zone is a 700-meter walk.

Location: Konyushennaya Square
Capacity: 15 000


The fan zone in Ekaterinburg will be located in the main city park (Mayakovsky Central park) and fans are in for a treat! There will be several music festivals, concerts, and outdoor activities held during the matches. Mayakovsky central park is in the downtown area of the city and has an area of 97 hectares, 70 of those are woods. The Ekaterinburg World Cup 2018 fan zone can accommodate 17,000 visitors.

Location: Mayakovsky Central Park of Entertainment and Culture
Capacity: 17 000


The Central (Tsentralnaya) Square, with a capacity to hold 15,000 people will serve as Kaliningrad’s FIFA fan zone. The site is sitting next to one of the city’s signature landmarks — the House of the Soviets, built on the site where the Koenigsberg Castle once stood. The fan zone is equipped with a concert stage and a big screen where the games will be broadcast live. Entry is free for all.

Location: Tsentralnaya Square
Capacity: 15 000


Kazan decided to go with the park next to the Kazan Family Centre, whose opening ceremony saw 27 couples married simultaneously. It’s very unlikely that anyone will be tying the knot during the Iran vs Spain, France vs Australia or any other matches (although, you never know, at the very least some marriage proposals might pop up); however, it’s a guarantee that all fans are in for a great time. The park is divided into 5 zones. The first zone will be the main zone with a stage and a huge screen to transmit the matches, lights, sound, action!

Location: Family Center Kazan
Capacity: 25 000

Nizhny Novgorod

The Nizhny Novgorod fan zone will be in the Minina and Pozharskogo Square, next to the Kremlin and a busy pedestrian street, and will host 15,000 people. A lovely spot, smack in the center, it also offers all a great view of the Volga river. The fan zone will broadcast live matches and offer entertainment on non-match days, as well.

Location: Minina i Pozharskogo Square
Capacity: 15 000


The Theatre Centre with its 72-meter-high memorial with a gold representation of the Greek goddess Nike is an obvious and expected choice. The zone is right in the city centre and can accommodate up to 25,000 people. Visible from almost anywhere in the city, the goddess Nike should serve as a navigation landmark for those headed for the fan zone. A spectacular fountain and the building of the Drama Gorki academic theater in Rostov, a wonderful monument of Soviet architecture, further embellish the place. The intricate and excellent design of the latter is reminiscent of a tractor, a symbolic vehicle of the Soviet economy and agriculture. The Cossacks know how to have a good time, so rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!

Location: Teatralnaya Square
Capacity: 25 000


The site of the FIFA fans’ festival in Samara is the largest area in Russia and all of Europe. The Kuybysheva Square is an iconic spot within the city that usually hosts municipal events, sports competitions, international and local events, as well as exhibitions. It is surrounded by green parks and features the Academic Opera of Samara and the Ballet Theater as an adjacent architectural building.

Location: Kuybysheva Square
Capacity: 20 000


The central square — Sovetskaya Square, of the capital of Mordovia, arose in the XVII century and has changed since then several names, having been both Sobornaya and Bazarnaya. Very close to this square are the Cathedral of the honorable warrior Fedor Ushakov, the sculptural ensemble «Family», the Pushkin park of culture and leisure, the memorial to the founders of Saransk and the National Theater of dramatic art of Mordovia, among other places of interest.

Location: Sovetskaya Square
Capacity: 20 000


“Nice and cozy” should probably be the motto of Sochi’s fan zone venue. Perhaps, one of the smaller sites for FIFA fans’ festivals and the only Russian fan zone on the beach will be located in the southernmost city-host of the 2018 World Cup Sochi. Sochi went with the South Mall of the Sochi Commercial Seaport, a popular venue for public events and City Day celebrations. The building of the seaport of Sochi, an architectural monument in itself, heads a set of architectural attractions of Sochi, both historical and modern. In fact, the seaport of Sochi is one of the first places where those who visit the city go.

Location: South Mall of the Seaport
Capacity: 10 000


A place for the FIFA fans’ festival sits on a key location within the embankment of the city, where there are many monuments and attractions — the Central Staircase, the River Station, the panorama museum «Battle of Stalingrad”. Fanfest will be located on the embankment and slope at the Central staircase, leading from the quay to the Alley of Heroes. The views of the city at different levels make it a very popular destination among the residents and visitors alike.

Location: 62 Armii Embankment
Capacity: 15 000

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