The term «ryumochnaya» historically refers to a drinking joint where one can have a quick shot accompanied by simple snack — on the go. It originates from the Russian word “ryumka” meaning shot-glass. So it’s essentially a type of bar, where one comes to have some shots. Unlike pubs where people socialize over beer for hours, a typical ryumochnaya used to serve specialty vodkas and nastoikas, made by maceration of berries and herbs in alcohol. When it comes to food, the only thing on offer is «zakuska» — small tapas-like snacks, like pickled vegetables, sausage sandwiches and herring canapé. Although ryumochnaya in the Soviet times used to be an entire category of a bar on its own, they often would have no chairs, relying on a quick turnover.

Ryumochnaya “Volna” revives the sound Soviet format in Profsoyuznaya street, one of the most vibrant bar-hopping destinations in Kazan. Housed in a 17th-century building, it proudly displays historical red brick walls as the main feature of décor.  Archways divide the place into two chambers: one is occupied by a wooden bar and the other by five tables for those guests who want to stay longer than just for a shot.

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You can taste more than 15 nastoikas on buckthorn, hawberry, chokeberry, mint, ginger and even bananas (≈3$). Apart from quality vodkas, the bartender will treat you to becherovka, limoncello, and lesser known hard liquors like Abkhazian ochamchira and Russian hrenovukha, a horseradish vodka with cranberries and honey. Wine, tap and bottled beers are also available. For zakuska, we suggest Baltic sprats on rye bread (≈1$). The place serves no hot entrées.

Volna targets a wide-ranging clientele. It’s a place to step aside from the social ladder and rub elbows with the local clubbing crowd and university professors alike. Guests come here to engage in meaningful conversations, listen to some quality Indie and Retrowave music, and enjoy summer parties in the courtyard. Consider yourself invited!

 Address: 3 Ulitsa Profsoyuznaya
 Hours: from 5 PM until the last guest leaves