The 5 urban places of Saint Petersburg a party animal will enjoy

Saint Petersburg is definitely a cradle of art and culture with the Hermitage collection and the various architecture gems. But what if you fancy techno and modern interior design instead? Don’t give on Saint Petersburg just yet, instead check out our pick of the urbans spots below.

Soul Kitchen Hostel

This is an ideal place for a lodging for the night, especially if you are eager to hang out and get the party started ASAP! Check in, drop your bags, and hit the dance floor! The location is perfect for clubbers — in the heart of St. Petersburg — on Moika River, within walking distance of all the noteworthy stops on the party map of the city, not to mention signature landmarks: St. Isaac’s Cathedral within seven minutes of walking, the Hermitage — within twelve, and it is possible to reach the Admiralty metro station in only eight minutes!

Club “Club”

It’s an independent DIY project with a special mood and deliberately punk spirit which is a favourite among the young crowd. The club plays noise and house music and frequently showcases new and upcoming talent. The dance floor is perfect for rocking to the music, even with the toilets located next to the the DJ booth, a debatable architectural decision, that doesn’t seem to bother anyone here. Parties often last till noon the next day.

‘Tansploshadka’ Club

Unstoppable dancing to music empowered by six subwoofers and limitless choice of drinks at the infinite bar. The backyard with garlands, a separate bar, and a basketball ring is a whole different topic and a super hot spot during the famous white Saint Petersburg nights.
All of this is wait for you to drop by every Friday and Saturday from 8 PM till dawn!

‘Shtakenshneyder’ club

A brutally designed industrial space that’s all about underground electronic music and hosts weekend parties with emerging Russian and foreign independent music talent from around the world. If you are a slave of the rave, make sure to head down here and dance all night long and meet the sunset at the club’s rooftop terrace.


2A Konushennaya ploshad

For a taste of the music head to their soundcloud:

«Sevkabel port»

It is a trendy urban space based in the historical territory of Russia’s first Siemens & Halske cable manufacturing factory, sitting within the authentic 19th century red brick constructions.
Offering an entire range of spaces for different purposes like studios, a hostel, a loft residence, a food court, several restaurants, an exhibition space, well-planned avenues and recreational zones with marine decorations (ropes, anchors and so on). It is definitely worth checking out for the vibes and the views — there’s a remarkable view of the Gulf of Finland from the Vasilyevsky Island Embankment «Port».

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