The 6 best spots to spend time by the water in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is also referred to as Northern Venice, so no wonder there are plenty of activities located by the water. Here are our 6 top picks.

‘Fly’ kite school

Where there are waves, there are wave catchers — this unspoken rule works even for the rather cold Baltic Sea. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, this small kite station will not only provide you with all necessary equipment for surfing and kiting, but if needed, a professional instructor as well.

Address: The Gulf of Finland Naberezhnaya

‘River’ wake club

The ‘River’ wake club is situated on the Petrovsky Island in the Neva Delta near the Central Yacht Club. Here you can ride a wakeboard, wakesurf and hydrocycle, while enjoying a breathtaking view over the Gulf of Finland. And if you’ve worked up an appetite, they’ve got a convenient fast food joint.

Address: 9D Petrovskaya Kosa

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‘Sunpark’ wake school

Another place for those who love both the heat of adrenaline and the chills of cold water. Located on the shore of a local Suzdal Lake, this spot welcomes wakeboard and waterski lovers. And once you are done with your water sports adventures, you can celebrate it in a nearby cosy panoramic restaurant with a fantastic lake view.

Address: 9 Nikolskaya Ulitsa

‘Regatta’ restaurant

The floating panoramic restaurant ‘Regatta’ is located on the Petrograd side, not far from Kantemirovsky bridge. On the roof of this place there’s an outdoor terrace with some comfy sofas and a stunning view over the Neva and the Vyborgskaya embankment.

Address: 12 Aptekarskaya Naberezhnaya

‘Chayka’ restaurant

This is a floating, panoramic restaurant near the bridge connecting Krestovsky and Elagin Islands. For your stay you may choose one of the two floors: an inside one with a roomy hall, cosy sofas and enormous panoramic windows and an open terrace with stylish wicker furniture. Both floors offer a breathtaking view over the Central Park and Central Nevka.

Address: Martynov Naberezhnaya

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‘Villa Zimaleto’ restaurant

Located in Krestovsky Island, this hot-spot restaurant offers you an enormous open terrace with sun beds, swings, hammocks and even a children’s playground. In addition to a unique atmosphere and exquisite cuisine, get ready for an arresting view over the Gulf of Finland, the Western Speed Diameter and the Yacht Club!

Address: 8 Yuzhnaya Doroga


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