The 7 unusual museums in Saint Petersburg

After you’ve had a fair share of the Hermitage and the Russian museum, have visited enough of the luxurious royal residences in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, taken all the boat tours but are still craving for more, here is a list of the 7 less obvious museums for you to explore.

Museum of Telephone history

An impressive collection of telephone devices from different epochs. There are over 300 exhibits on display, including a copy of Alexander Bell’s invention, wartime devices, and much more. There’s plenty of information pertaining to the creation of this currently indispensable gadget.

Address: 60 Shpalernaya Ulitsa
Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM

Museum of the History of Photography

The Museum of the History of Photography was founded in 2003 to provide a comprehensive overview of photography as a technology and art form. It is an inventive exhibition space, with four halls, each devoted to a specific phase in the development of the art of photography. Their slogan is “Museum as an attraction, museum as an installation, museum as theater!”

Address: 23 Ulitsa Professora Popova
Hours: Tue-Sat 1 PM – 5 PM

Museum of Electrical Transport

The museum was opened in 1967, and is the oldest museum of electrical transport in Russia.It is based at the old Vasileostrovsky tram depot in Saint Petersburg which was built in 1906–1908.. A three-part exposition will take you through the museum exhibits of items related to the history of St. Petersburg/Leningrad trams and trolleys, the second displays the trolley and ram cars from different eras, the third houses static exhibits: archival documents and photos, cards, breadboard models of horse cars and trams, examples of tram worker uniforms, and original cash registers.

Address: 77 Sredniy Prospekt, Vasilievskiy Ostrov
Hours: Tue-Sun – excursions at 10 AM, 11:30 AM, 2 PM, 4 PM.

Hygiene museum

Not for the faint hearted, this museum talks not only about the importance of hygiene, but the consequences of not observing it. Here you’ll get a brief insight into the world of microbiology and pathology. There are several expositions on past epidemics — bubonic plague, TB, HIV, as well as tips on how to stay safe and disease free in the modern world. The museum shifts its focus from hygiene to general health as you walk along its halls. A nice addition to the museum…if you can call it ‘nice’… is a display featuring one of Pavlov’s original dogs.
Interesting fact: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a Russian physiologist known primarily for his work in classical conditioning.Pavlov won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1904, becoming the first Russian Nobel laureate.

Address: 25 Italyanskaya Ulitsa
Hours: Mon-Fri 10 AM – 5 PM

Museum of playing cards

Easily combinable with a trip to see the famous Peterhof fountains, a trip to this nifty museum will let you familiarize yourself with some of the 6,000 card decks from all over the world. This unique museum is the only one in Russia dedicated to the history of the playing card. Some of these masterpieces are from as early as the 16th century, and are drawn by famous artists. Visitors can also see packs used for bezique, whist, bridge, lotto, patience and fortune-telling from Japan, China, Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany and Russia. One of the rarest exhibits is the early Pack with Hawkers that dates back to 1690.

Address: 4 Ulitsa Pravlenskaya, Petrodvorets
Hours: Summer 10:30 AM – 6 PM
Winter Sat-Sun 10:30 AM – 5 PM

The museum of Perfume

There are 637 vials of perfumes that you can actually smell and learn a lot about here. Some of these perfumes are up to 100 years old. Here you’ll find popular 19th and 20th century brands and books with perfume recipes. A visit to the museum is strictly via booking, so make sure you book ahead. This is the only venue of its kind in Russia with masterclasses and lectures on the topic.

Address: 1 Progonnaya Ulitsa
Hours: by appointment 7 (812) 718-43-44

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Куда сходить в Петербурге? Музей истории и парфюмерии (ВО 1-я Линия, д. 48) – живая история во флаконах: подлинные знаменитые ароматы 20 века и лучшие работы парфюмеров-современников. Самому старому экспонату более ста лет, самому юному – нет и года. Посетителям смогут узнать об истории русской или зарубежной парфюмерии, попробовать шедевры парфюмерного искусства. Экскурсии на 2-6 человек проводятся в форме уютного чаепития с дегустацией.

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The Museum of Soviet arcade games

A completely interactive museum of awesome retro arcade games, with over 50 exhibits on display. For the younglings, this is an opportunity to see what the game scene was like in the Soviet times a.k.a pre-internet era…a.k.a in the age of the dinosaurs in a way. Antiques are hunted down, restored and put on display. Lots of fun!

Address: 2B Konyushennaya Polshchad

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Пару дней занималась исключительно тем, чтобы заглушить головную боль, что составляло весь досуг (мой вам совет- не обращайте внимание на токсичных людей). Если вас не заманили на шашлыки или, вдруг, на демонстрацию, есть предложение отправиться в #музейсоветскихигровыхавтоматов. Выйдет тематично, занимательно и азартно. Я вот думала не по мне это все, ах нет же. #первомай #ностальгия #советскийсоюз #кудапойтивмоскве

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