The Best Marine views of Saint-Petersburg

We often associate Saint-Petersburg with its drawbridges and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. But don’t forget that Saint-Petersburg has sea views as well. When travelling around the city or its suburbs, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful marine views. Here is a guide on the five best ones.

Washed-in Territories (Namyvnye Territorii)

Namyvnye Territorii reviles the best view on the Gulf of Finland in Saint-Petersburg. The place is relatively new and has a quay only for the ships travelling abroad. You can walk around and enjoy the views on Kronshtadt, Peterhof and Sestroretsk. Lots of sea-gulls dwell here.

Quay in Peterhof

The quay was built specially for the vessels travelling to the capital of fountains — Peterhof. It was laid with boulders and opens an eye-catching view on historical baroque style buildings. Petrodvortsovaya Gavan (Harbour) on the Lower Garden of Peterhof Palace is a part of the quay. It is connected to the Samson Fountain by the seaway canal. The best view on Kotlin Island and the Gulf of Finland opens from the small palace Marlin in the Lower Garden.

The Merchant Harbour and pier (Kupecheskaya Gavan)

This famous harbour with a breakwater appeared in 1709. It was specially built for the marine fleet. The pier was a kind of border for it. Kupecheskaya Gavan is famous for its oldest wooden lighthouse. War and tourist ships still arrive at Peter Quay (Petrovskaya Pristan), which you can see from the harbor. The Italian pond is a part of Kupecheskaya Gavan. Merchant ships were left here for the winter. Here you’ll find an old crane that was used to remove the masts in the 19th century.

The Leningrad Quay (Leningradskaya Pristan)

Leningradskaya Pristan appeared as a state merchant quay in 1748. At that time, it was called Peterburgskaya. All vessels from Saint-Petersburg came here. In 1914 Saint-Petersburg was renamed Petrograd and the quay became Petrogradskaya. Ten years later, the city changed its name again to Leningrad, and the quay acquired its present name. It functioned only in the summer and was called Summer (Letnaya) as well. Today, Leningradskaya Pristan is an old historical place. No ships come to it. But it is still the symbol of Kronshtadt and it reviles a beautiful marine view on Saint-Petersburg.

Laskovy Beach (Pljazh Laskovy)

It is a great place to relax in a hot summer day. The water is good for swimming and you’ll feel like you’re on a sea resort. Again, the view on the Gulf is picturesque. You can see Kronshtadt, Zelenogorsk and Sestroretsk from the beach. It is not very close to Saint-Petersburg, but you’ll find no problem getting here by bus or by car.

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