10 secret photo spots in Saint Petersburg

When you’re in Saint Petersburg, those selfies and Insta-worthy photos just keep rolling in! But if you’ve ticked off all the major landmarks and are looking for some less touristy, but equally amazing photos, here is a list of spots definitely worth checking out.

The Universe of Water Museum

Take awesome pictures and learn about the history of the water delivery system in Saint Petersburg. This is also a perfect opportunity to refresh your knowledge of chemistry…well, at least remember what H2O stands for. The most interesting section of the exhibit is the “Underground Petersburg”, a huge multimedia complex showing the whole city in miniature. The museum occupies a former water tower, which is a beautiful red brick building built in the 19th century. A lift taking you all the way to the top is a recent addition to the 19th century structure, and it will give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of the city from the very top of the tower.

Address: 56 Shpalernaya Ulitsa
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10 AM – 6:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday – day-off
Admission price: historic exhibition – ≈$4, multimedia complex (with guide only) – ≈$6


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The Opochinina Garden

This small park in Vasilevsky Island’s residential area is famous for its Love alley and the Tree of Love installed in 2011, after a major renovation. They say if you want your relationship to last forever and ever, put the lock, preferably with your names, on one of the steel branches and hide the key in the magical box on the tree trunk….or just stop by to take a photo, no strings attached. 🙂

Address: Ulitsa Opochinina
Hours: 24 H


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The Demidov Manor in Taitsy

This house belonged to the Demidovs – a very wealthy family, who owned the largest mining company in the then Russian Empire. It is said that this house in particular, was built for Demidov’s daughter Sofiya, who suffered from tuberculosis, a disease that had no cure at the time. Desperate to prolong the inevitable, they had this house built under special conditions and surrounded by oak and pine trees, which were meant to help her condition. Well, it worked and Sofiya lived a relatively long life, until the age of 60. Although the manor was heavily damaged during World War II and is currently abandoned, it’s an interesting spot to stop by for a photo shoot.

Address: Sanatoriy imeni Sverdlova, Taitsy

How to get there: by train from Baltiyskaya station


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The Gothic Chapel in Peterhof

This white chapel (one of the rare Orthodox gothic churches) can be easily visited, when you’re on your trip to the Peterhof palace. It’s located in the Alexandria Park, a bit away from the ordinary tourist route, so if you’re tired of the crowds, we suggest coming here to catch your breath and enjoy the tranquility. The admission is free from 5 PM.

Address: 7A Zverinskaya Ulitsa, Peterhof

Hours: 9 AM – 10 PM

Admission price: ≈$5


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The Alexandrino Manor

One of the beautifully preserved old mansions, owned by the sister of Peter the Great, the privy councilor of the emperor Tolstoy, the diplomatic official Chernyshev and the earl Sheremetev at different times. After the revolution it was nationalized and turned into a complex of shared apartments. The new residents even built a pig fold in its highly decorated rooms! Fortunately, the house was restored after the war and became an art school. The park is cozy, green, and loved by the locals.

Address: 226 Prospect Stachek

Hours: 24 H


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The Trubetskoy rampart prison

If you have or always wanted to visit places like Alcatraz, then you’ve come to the right place. Back in the days of the Russian empire this was the place all those who dared defy the monarchy were sent. This of course included political prisoners and anyone who thought it was a good idea to instigate a coup d’etats. Famous residents included the son of Peter the Great, Alexey. If you think its function changed after the revolution, think again. Once the Bolsheviks came to power, they used the prison to lock up all those who were against the new Soviet regime. Good news – it’s now just a museum, with exhibits of all things prison related from back in the days. So if you are interested, feel free to drop by while visiting the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is where it is located.

Address: the Peter and Paul Fortress

Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM

Admission price: ≈$4


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The Mon Repos Park in Vyborg

Vyborg itself has countless photographic opportunities, and the Mon Repos is only one of them. It’s the manor and landscape park, located on a rocky shore by the bay. Although it is currently being renovated, it remains open to visitors, so feel free to stop by and take a nice photo.  The small tea house or Neptune’s temple with picturesque views on the bay and forests will be a great background for a nice shot.

Address: 9 Monrepo Park, Vyborg

Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM

Admission: free


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The Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge

A latest addition to the Neva river bridges, it’s the only one which is not a drawbridge. Futuristic and modern, but very little known photo shoot location. And the view over the river is stunning, especially during sunset.

Address: Bolshoy Obukhovsky Most


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Little Paris

If you wanted to go to Paris but came to Saint Petersburg instead, you still can post Eiffel Tower shots to your social networks. The small part of the French capital is found in the cozy yard of a residential house, where miniature copies of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe are installed.

Address: 63 Prospect Kosmonavtov


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The Au Pont Rouge department store

These days, department stores are not just places people come to shop: they are places people come to spend some recreational time; hence, many are decorated to fit the occasion. This means that they are ideal places to come for a nice photo shoot.  One of the most splendid shopping malls in Petersburg is the Au Pont Rouge. It’s conveniently located in the city center and isn’t packed with tourists at all. Moreover, the building with a small tower by the tiny red bridge catches the eye from the outside too. You’re limited only by your imagination!


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