6 “date on a roof” ideas in Saint Petersburg

A visit to Saint Petersburg is one of those chances to surprise your significant other and take them to the most romantic date of their life. If the weather permits, there’s nothing more amorous than a bottle of wine and a fabulous panorama over the historical district, its onion-shaped cathedrals and rooftops, shining in the sun… We’ve picked up a list of inspiring places on the open-air roofs, where you may have an intimate dinner or even attend a cultural event, gazing at the city at the same time.

Roof Cinema venues

The Roof Cinema is a creative project, started more than 7 years ago. They don’t have a fixed place to hold their events; they rather organize various concerts, movie screenings and theater performances on different rooftops – that’s even more exciting! The sites hosting Roof Cinema events include the “Roof place” (bars, food court and market in the same space with a view over the mouth of Neva River), the “Artplay” creative cluster (one of the most modern art spaces in the city) and the “NEVESOMOS’T” restaurant in the very heart of Petrogradskaya district.

Address: 30 Kozhevennaya liniya; 1 Krasnogvardeiskaya Ploshad; 37 Bolshoy Prospect P.S.

Hours: depends on the event

Admission price:  depends on the event


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The Parusa na Kryshe (Sails on the roof) restaurant

Not only a great place to eat, but also an option to have a lively time! One of the zones in the restaurant delights the guests with low window sills and cozy sofas. Try one of their unbelievably creative signature cocktails, for instance, “1905”, consisting of blackcurrant vodka, litchi liqueur, barberry syrup and berry juice, served in a tall glass. After that, move to the showroom zone, where talented chefs demonstrate their skills, or go to the karaoke zone and sing your heart out!

Hours: Monday-Wednesday, Sunday 12 PM – 1 AM, Thursday 12 PM – 3 AM, Friday-Saturday 12 PM – 6 AM

Menu preview:  beef stroganoff with mushrooms – ≈$10, salmon sushi roll – ≈$9, “1905” cocktail – ≈$8


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The ARTMUZA (Art Muse) roof

Located on the premises of the former musical instruments factory “Muzdetal” on the Vasilevsky island, the ARTMUZA is a museum of contemporary art and the largest creative cluster in St. Petersburg. It consists of two buildings, four floors, gallery desks and many residences: theater, artists’ studios, dance, music, art and design studios and schools.  The museum displays the works of young artists and regularly features new exhibitions. Regular master-classes in art and design are also held here, as well as lectures and seminars. Visitors can have lunch in the “Artist” restaurant-bar or the “Malyarka” art-canteen or simply relax with a cup of coffee in the “Peshka” dessert bar.

Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM

Admission price: free


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The Bolshaya Kukhnya (Big Kitchen) restaurant

Who said that a romantic date means dinner only? A nice breakfast is also an excellent way to get to know one another. The Big Kitchen panorama restaurant has an amazing breakfast menu, with porridge, scrambled eggs, pancakes and croissants. The location just couldn’t be more central – on the roof of the Galeria shopping centre, near the Moskovsky railway station and Nevsky prospect. While enjoying the views, get to know some interesting facts about buildings you see: the website has explanations in English too: http://big-kitchen.com/roof/

Address: Galeria, 30A Ligovsky Prospect

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10 AM – 11 PM, Friday-Saturday 10 AM – 1 AM

Menu preview: mixed breakfast – ≈$9, Caesar salad with shrimps – ≈$10, chocolate fondant with ice cream – ≈$6


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The HI-HAT summer space

This is an open-air stage hosting contemporary Russian and European music concerts and parties; with a scenic lookout over the Botanical garden and historical center. The rooftop space is divided into several sections: the stage itself, VIP sector under the fence, and a lounge zone with sofas. The 3 different bars and a burger restaurant won’t let you stay sad and hungry! You may even come during the day to take a break on the beanbag chairs and to surf the web, as the entrance is free of charge.

Address: 4 Aptekarsky Prospect

Hours: 12 PM – 11 PM

Bar menu preview: “Hi-hat” cocktail – ≈$6, “Top Shot” set – ≈$9, Tuborg Green beer – ≈$4 (0.5 l)


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The Gastronomica restaurant

The sanctuary high up in the air in the middle of a busy central district: the terrace is open throughout the year, with a view of the sky in the summer and covered with a transparent cupola in the winter. Taste the unique versions of classics from all over the world, accompanied by DJ music sets (every Sunday evening) and breathtaking Saint Petersburg’s sunsets (when the sky is clear).

Hours: Monday-Friday 11 AM – 1 AM, Saturday-Sunday 12 PM – 1 AM

Menu preview: Thai salad with shrimps and crab – ≈$12, egg noodles with salmon in sweet and sour sauce – ≈$14, Baked pumpkin with strawberry and coconut cream – ≈$8


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