A street art tour through Saint Petersburg

Above all its beauty of classical architecture, Saint Petersburg is a place where you can run into marvelous pieces of street art on house walls and fronts. Here is the top list of our most colourful graffiti and brandmauer art pieces.

Little Paris

— I wish I was in Paris again…
— Oh, have you been there before?
— No, never. I’ve just wished it before. Now I wish it again.

(A Russian joke)

Strolling along Saint Petersburg, jump into one of its courtyards and enjoy sinking into this impressionist-like mist to emerge in the center of glamourous and romantic Paris. By contrast with the gloominess, fogginess and raininess, so frequent in the northern Russian capital, your imagination will take you to a curving French street, with phlegmatic cats promenading along, with outdoor cafes, lovely little houses, and a colourful air balloon flying towards the Eifel tower.

Madagascar is here!

This residential area of Shushary, a Saint Petersburg settlement, has become a part of a public project supported by the city administration. Here, house blank walls are carrying the pictures of famous Madagascar Melman the giraffe and Marty the zebra, for now missing penguins only. To the joy of local kids attending the nearby nursery school, the developers will continue with their cartoon theme in façade and wall decoration.

Welcome to the Book

This is something purely local, entirely Saint Petersburg style. The right graffiti in the right place — a Book House instead of a transformer vault, located on the corner of Rossiysky and Tovarishchesky Prospects. This piece of art has at once topped the news feeds and become a must-see for both locals and visitors. For it is not just a good design solution, but a reminder of the power that true literature masterpieces, such as Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream or Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons, have over time.

The biggest graffiti in Russia

Now, this bright avant-garde picture on a brandmauer of Graffiti Residential Complex is something to admire for real graffiti devotees! It is the tallest and biggest graffiti picture in the city and the whole country — to be precise (for those who like cold hard facts), it is 75 meters tall and covers the area of 1140 sq.m. An art work by Petro and Slak, the picture has quickly become an informal landmark of Saint Petersburg.


Koroleva Prospect

Alice in Wonderland

A bright spot embroidering a mundane landscape – this is what two imaginative graffiti pieces do to ordinary 24-storeyed residential houses in Primorsky area of St. Petersburg. ‘…And what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures…?’

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