The 10 peculiar fountains of Saint Petersburg

The biggest city fountain

Recently reopened after restoration, the historic fountain in the South-Primorsky Park (between the Peterhof Highway, Ulitsa Doblesti, the Gulf of Finland and the Ivanovka River) is the largest one in St. Petersburg. It is 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, with 225 jets rising 8 to 16 meters high, to create a picturesque sight in a great recreation area.


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The Girl with a pitcher a.k.a. The Milkmaid of Tsarskoye Selo

There is a saying – cut your coat according to your size. In other words, dream big, but base it on reality. The statue of the girl with a jar is based on many a European folklore, with this motiff. The one in St. Petersburg was made by the Russian artist Pavel Sokolov. It shows the seated milkmaid weeping over her broken pot, which has been converted into a water feature by a channeled feed from a nearby spring. Originally it was called “Girl with a pitcher”, but it became so celebrated that it is now better known as “The Milkmaid of Tsarskoye Selo”. The statue in the public park is a copy: the original is kept in a St Petersburg museum.  The original statue inspired the renowned Alexander Pushkin to immortalize her in one of his poems.


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‘Seasons’ fountain

A new popular attraction in St. Petersburg, the fountain was opened in September 2014, next to the ‘Grand Canyon’ Trade Center (154 Prospect Engelsa). The four bronze nymphs surrounding the elegant water jet personify summer, autumn, winter and spring. These beautiful creatures are playing different musical instruments and you can almost hear their classical melody. With all its vivid illumination, the fountain looks particularly amazing and romantic at twilight.


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The Well

A beautiful girl and four angels helping her to draw water from the well – here is a most lovely fountain in the Alexandrovskiy Park. Legend has it that anyone who drinks water from this well can recover from light ailments and feel refreshed and full of vigor.


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A fountain in the Aleksandrovskiy Garden

It’s a nice fountain in the Aleksandrovskiy Garden in front of the Admiralty Building on the way to the St. Isaac’s Cathedral. With some beautiful statues around looking even much cozier with evening lights, it’s really a sweet place to take a short break on your tour.


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The Ball

When walking along Nevsky Prospect and at the junction of Malaya Sadovaya Ulitsa (pedestrian street facing Alexander Park with many tourist attractions), stop for a moment to admire an elegant fountain, with a granite kugel ball rolling on top of the water jet. In a city of fine and antique art and statues, something modern is a nice change of pace.



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Fountain at Ploshchad Lenina (Lenin Square)

A charming fountain of music and lights is located behind the statue of Lenin, just in front of the main entrance to the Finskaya metro station. A nice place to refresh oneself, popular with both locals and visitors of the city.


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Singing Fountain in Kronshtadt

Situated in the center of Kronstadt park, this picturesque and unusual music fountain, with many flower beds, nice walking paths, benches, a children’s playground, and little shops, is the drawing point of a pleasant recreation area. Did we mention that it sings? 🙂


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The Ude Girl with a Fish in Zelenogorsk

Placed in the Zelenogorsk Culture and Recreation Park, this is one of the most unusual fountains in the St. Petersburg region. What catches the eye is the sculpture itself – a girl holding a fish clearly does not match Izhora lands, meaning that the girl’s ethnic look is far from typical for this region. The fact is that the sculpture, created by Ekaterina Persidskaya in 1956, was inspired by the sculptor’s expedition to the Ussuri region and her meeting with local ethnicity of Ude (Udege), mainly occupied with hunting and fishing. On returning to St. Petersburg, the sculptor made a whole galaxy of sculptures dedicated to the Udege people.


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Dolphins in Zelenogorsk

Located right in front of the railway station in Zelenogorsk, a flock of dolphins jumping gaily in the fountain waters meet the tourists and town residents. It’s a nice, carefree place to relax on the bench, grab an ice cream on a hot summer day, and watch the departing trains.


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