Five amazing museums in one place

A rainy day in St. Petersburg and you are looking for places to go? Or perhaps you have already seen most of the city’s major attractions and are searching for something amusing and original? Then perhaps you’ll be interested in visiting 5 fun museums located in one place at 5 Bolshaya Morskaya Ulitsa.

Labyrinthia, the glass labyrinth

The biggest glass labyrinth in the world (586 meters long), this place offers an exciting journey into the world of new emotions. You’ll get into intricate corridors and twisted transparent passages, where you can easily get lost. To get more adrenaline and excitement, the tour is organized as a quest – the visitors are invited to search for treasures, as well as for the way out.


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Inside a human

An amazing museum, where visitors are plunged into their ‘inner’ world, and the interactive tour turns into a real adventure. Here you’ll learn many interesting facts about your body – like, ways in which we are similar to a koala, or the power of a human heart in comparison to the engines of the Titanic.


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The Museum of optical illusions

The museum, created by talented Russian artists and best scene painters, is considered to be the biggest museum of optical illusions in Europe. With three floors of most striking and unusual installations, it includes a walk along St. Petersburg roofs, an escape from zombies and Frankenstein and many more fascinating encounters and activities.


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A giant’s house

Here’s the place you’ll feel you are in a ‘honey-I-shrunk-the-kids’ movie, especially, when you find yourself among things like huge cans, pots, books, furniture, clothing and other household items many times higher than human height. Diminutive, astonishing and funny – definitely worth a visit!


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A garden of tropical butterflies

A real tropical corner in St. Petersburg, the place has a great collection of the most beautiful and magnificent butterflies. They say that if a butterfly chooses to perch on you, your wish will come true. Fact or fiction, it surely feels amazing when a colorful beauty trustingly sits on the palm of your hand…and just in case…make those wishes!


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