St. Petersburg at night: Top 10 places to go after sunset

Regardless of the season, a night walk through the northern metropolis is an unforgettable experience and adventure, for even the familiar places, streets, squares and parks turn into something extraordinary and mysterious in the night light. Here are our top of places worth visiting in St. Petersburg after dusk.

The Palace Square

The most magical place in the city! At night this central square looks fantastic with all the illumination and surprisingly peaceful and quiet atmosphere.


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(The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island)

Located a stone’s throw from the Palace Bridge, Vasilyevsky Island’s Strelka is one of the iconic attractions of St. Petersburg. Looking particularly magnificent at night, with its massive Rostral columns and the Exchange building, it’s a popular sight that you often can see depicted on tourist postcards and posters.


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Nevsky Prospekt

You simply can’t miss this chance to see the main promenade of the city at night! Wonderfully illuminated houses, shop windows sparkling with bright colors, the majestic Kazan Cathedral looking mysterious in the halo and shadows, and the embankment lights playing on the watery surface – this is the magical atmosphere of the Nevsky Prospekt at night. An added perk is the fact that there are loads of cafes and pubs you can pop into for a drink before continuing on your walk.



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The Bronze Horseman

A major city attraction with hundreds of tourists around during the daytime, after dusk, the Bronze Horseman looks even more spectacular. Thanks to marvelous illuminations, the Russian Emperor Peter I riding a horse is seen even in the darkest of nights.


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Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge

A.k.a. Bridge of Peter the Great, this place, resembling the Tower Bridge of London, is a great night attraction, with its majestic architecture, illumination of towers and overall romantic look. It’s definitely worthwhile to come here when it’s completely dark to fully enjoy its magnificent view.


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St. Isaac’s Cathedral Evening Colonnade

On a nice warm night, it’s one of the best places in St. Petersburg to admire a romantic sunset and a charming view of the city from a bird’s eye view. This great observation point is particularly popular during the so-called ‘white nights’ period when it’s open to the public until 4:30 in the morning.


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Smolny Cathedral

A most beautiful blue and white cathedral that took 87 years to build looks splendid during the daytime. At night, highlighted by the searchlights, it keeps attracting tourist crowds coming here to admire this most wonderful example of Russian baroque.


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St. Isaac’s Square

The nocturnal time turns the square into an ideal place to enjoy the city romance. With the onset of dusk, the place is not crowded, so you can take your time to wander around the park and admire the splendor of the urban architecture, the majestic St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the impressive European Astoria in night lights.


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Gorkovskaya metro station and Aleksandrovsky Park

Coming out of the Gorkovskaya metro station late in the evening, you’ll be impressed to see its building looking like a giant illuminated spaceship that has just landed on the earth’s surface. From here you’ll get into the Alexandrovsky Park, one of the first public parks of the city. Among other things here, the sculptural composition called the ‘Architects’ and an area with miniature copies of the major St. Petersburg attractions, are definitely worthy of your night walk.


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Austrian Square

A magnificent octagonal square located in the Petrograd area, the Austrian Square, with its beautifully lit buildings, makes a great place for a late evening stroll. With its cozy seclusion and peaceful atmosphere, the square reminds us of the old Europe and the fabulous world of the Brothers Grimm.


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