8 all-night restaurants in Saint Petersburg’s central area


Are you a night person? Or just took a long walk around the Saint Petersburg city center, forgot about the drawing bridges and left your hotel on the other side of the Neva River? Petersburg will help you in need and provide a great choice of places to eat twenty-four seven and spend some time until the morning comes.

Khochu Kharcho (I want kharcho)

Place confidence in the name of this venue: kharcho is something you’ll definitely want to try! This is a traditional soup from Georgia with meat, rice and walnuts, and it is  very warm, filling and spicy. This is not just a Georgian restaurant, it’s a Megrelian restaurant, which is a historic province in the western part of Georgia. There, in addition to making their dishes spicy, they also include walnuts as one of the main ingredients. If you’re not a fan of soups, get another appetizing Georgian dish – khachapuri (cheese pies) or shashlik (grilled meat).

Address: 39/41 Ulitsa Sadovaya
Menu preview: Kharcho soup with veal meat – ≈$8, Aunt Eliso’s khachapuri – ≈$11, Grilled chicken shashlik – ≈$15


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Master Kebab

Kebab is an option for a quick bite in any country, and Russia is no exception. Master Kebab’s points are conveniently located across the city, with two addresses in the very center. The chain offers not only kebab (or the Russian version — shawarma), but also falafel, soups, and shashlik.

Address: 88 Nevsky Prospect; 43 Gorokhovaya Ulitsa; see the full list
Menu preview: shawarma in lavash – ≈$3, falafel on the plate with vegetables – ≈$3, borscht – ≈$2


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Pryanosti i Radosti (Spices and Joy)

Hot breakfasts from the early morning, tasty lunches and dinners and lively cocktail parties at night – this restaurant will welcome you anytime you decide to come by. The restaurants offers Russian, European and Georgian cuisine, so there’s little chance that you’ll be found wanting! A wide selection of healthy recipes for vegetarians are available too.

But that’s not all! The restaurant is also children friendly! There is a children’s room and an outdoor playground in summer, with a menagerie of animals, including a racoon, Clarissa the goat and two rabbits. So if you are travelling with young children, this is definitely an option.

Did we mention that they also have a karaoke section? Like we said, you can’t go wrong here.

Address: 3 Malaya Posadskaya Ulitsa
Menu preview: omelet with ham and cheese – ≈$8, warm salad with chicken and smoked suluguni cheese – ≈$8, seafood spaghetti – ≈$13


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The chain specializing in Italian cuisine has one 24-hour venue on the tourist route. «We’re made from a different dough,» – their motto repeats the famous Russian proverb meaning «We’re different from others». Well-known classics are prepared here in a healthy way, without any additives or precooked meals.

Interior wise, it is a reflection of a typical restaurant you might walk into in Italy, with jars of condiments and Italian meats and cheeses placed all over the place and a typical Italian atmosphere, in other words loads of noise and laughter.

Address: 43 Nevsky Prospect
Menu preview: Spaghetti carbonara – ≈$6, Caesar salad with chicken breast – ≈$7, pizza with ham and mushrooms – ≈$7


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Czechs are experts in gastronomy, that’s why be ready to get a high-quality and relatively cheap dinner in Stargorod brewery. Aside from the fantastic choices of beer, there are plenty of side snacks and full-fledged dishes to try. Don’t forget to try their house specialty — the Stargorod knee.  This pub has a special club for those who have passed the 200 liter and 1000 liter mark…in case you want to leave your mark and become one of the restaurant’s favourites 😉

Address: 7 Kazanskaya Ulitsa
Menu preview: beer snack set – ≈$30, beer soup in whole bread – ≈$5, crispy pork bites – ≈$5


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Kofeinya №1 (Coffee shop №1)

Even though this spot is working under the «coffee shop» name, it has a whole lot of common dishes, such as pizza, pasta, burgers, and steaks. It’s also possible to set the dreamy mood and smoke some hookah. №1 is also a good opportunity to find very early breakfast (from 6 am). Prices are impressively favorable.

Address: 54 Nevsky Prospect; 3 Kirpichny Pereulok; see the full list
Menu preview: breakfast sets – from ≈$3, meat plate – ≈$7, classic burger – ≈$5


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Mama na Dache (Mum in the country house)

It may be a fast food restaurant, but it’s interior is surprisingly cozy, and bearing a close resemblance to a typical summer house, with a white wooded terrace, out there in the Russian countryside. The menu features popular dishes from all over Russia, cooked with locally sourced ingredients. The prices are quite budget friendly. So step in and enjoy traditional Russian hospitality smack in the center of Nevsky Prospect.  

Address: 88 Nevsky Prospect
Menu preview: Vinegret – ≈$4, pies with different fillings – ≈$1, chicken in a hot pan – ≈$7


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Taverna Grolle (Grolle’s Tavern)

This restaurant on Vasilevsky Island takes pride in its fish dishes – pay attention to the first page of the menu, called «Catch of the day». They mainly use local fish caught in nearby large lakes, such as Ladozhskoe and Onezhskoe: pike perch, cisco, pike, jackfish. Ask to have the fish prepared on the grill installed in the central section of the tavern: you’ll never forget this taste!

Address: 20 Bolshoy Prospect V.O.
Menu preview: Uha (Russian fish soup) – ≈$7, Murmansk salmon steak cooked on the open fire – ≈$14, crispy pork belly with stewed cabbage – ≈$7


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