The top 10 verandas with the best panoramic views

Walking along the streets of Saint Petersburg and taking in its cultural and historic sights is definitely enchanting. The only things that could be better is dining with these views. Here is our pick of the 10 best restaurants with open-air verandas located in the center of the city, where you can enjoy a meal with a stunning view of Saint Petersburg’s landmarks.

Bellevue Brasserie

An open-air rooftop terrace accommodating just 30 guests, Bellevue Brasserie offers a fantastic panoramic view of the historic St. Petersburg must-sees: the Palace Square, the Church of Our Savior on Blood, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The menu features French dishes and Russian classics.

Wine Terrace

Located on the rooftop of the W St Petersburg Hotel, the Wine Terrace is a huge panoramic lounge with a minimalistic interior and the most spectacular view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The place hosts different concerts and parties every weekend and serves inventive dishes like beef carpaccio with garlic and onion in tablets or crayfish in a champagne jelly with golden caviar. Wine is naturally the key beverage here, but their cocktails and the extraordinary violet-basil, cranberry-lavender, and barberry-apple lemonades are really worth trying.

Russkaya ryumochnaya №1

The perfect place to get yourself acquainted with signature Russian dishes like sterlet, jellied meat, or pancakes with pike caviar accompanied by a vast variety of vodka, from sivukha to gorilka. This is a much recommended introduction to Russian cuisine. A picturesque view of the Konnogvardeisky Boulevard is a cherry on top.


The name of the place is justified both by the laconic and monumental Japanese interior, with wicker furniture, wood, and white tablecloths, and by the menu based on the dishes of eastern, south-eastern, and southern Asia cooked four different ways: in wok, tandoor, grilled or steamed. The respectable view of the Nevsky Prospekt and Mikhailovskaya Ulitsa is there for you to enjoy together with the food.


The restaurant is the creation of Clément Bruno, a Michelin star Chef referred to by food critics as the “King of truffles”. Bruno is the only place in Russia, where all dishes are cooked with the seasonal truffles — the summer ones (Tuber Aestivum), the winter ones (Brumale), as well as the black truffles (Melanosporum). It’s a respectable restaurant with a lovely view of the Admiralty, the Palace Square, and the dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.


Overlooking Nevsky Prospekt from the top floor of the Stockman mall, Moskva is an amalgamation of cutting-edge restaurant trends. The large and stylish interior spreads around a series of open kitchens devoted to the different sections of the menu – sushi, pasta, pizza, grill, among others. Meal recommendations include the Chinese salad with pork ears and a vegetarian gyro. Here you can also observe the city through a telescope.


Opening an enjoyable view of the Sennaya Ploschad, Barashki is a cozy place with wicker sofas, a canopy to hide under in rainy weather, and live concerts. The menu is a bizarre mix of Japanese, Uzbek and Russian cuisine.


2 Ulitsa Efimova

Bolshaya kukhnya

Translated as ‘the big kitchen’ this restaurant has a spacious terrace, a diversified menu, peculiar pendulant nest seats, a flower shop, a greenhouse, an open kitchen, and a kid’s playroom. Here you can literally take things to the next level and ascend 28 meters up to enjoy the view from a free observation deck.



A small and romantic terrace with a picturesque view of the Palace Bridge and the Neva River, it serves European and Georgian cuisine, so you’ll see dishes like salmon with teriyaki sauce right next to gebjali (suluguni cheese rolls in mint-milk sauce) on the menu.

Kitayskaya gramota

Brought to you by Russia’s famous restaurateur Alexander Rappoport, the restaurant offers Cantonese cuisine together with an astonishing view of the city. It’s a picturesque terrace-park with a view of the historical center, serving legendary Chinese dishes like Beijing duck and smashed cucumber salad. The interior designed by the Sundukov sisters masterfully combines handmade wall paintings that show Mao Zedong’s Red Guard girls and modern Chinese art with rare sculptures of Han and Tang dynasties.

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