Where to eat in Saint Petersburg round the clock

The center of Saint Petersburg is a wonderful place for a romantic late stroll, especially during the white night times that last for about a month from early June to early July. Here are a few places to have a bite 24/7. Most of them are concentrated around Nevsky prospect, which inevitably gets most of the tourist traffic.


PirO.G.I is one of the better cheaper eateries you can go to for a midnight snack. The average bill here is around 6 euros, so you can allocate more budget for a round of drinks! The menu offers Italian, European and Russian dishes. At night the menu includes sandwiches, shawarma, pasta, pelmeni, and, of course — pies, pies, pies! — since even the name of this place means pies in English. It’s also a bar that features homemade nastoiki, try limoncello and horseradish flavours. Quality DJ sets, hip crowd, 24-hour breakfasts – basically, there’s nothing not to like in this bright trendy space.


40 Naberezhanya Fontanki


Warm salmon and asparagus salad ≈$5
Hearty pie (fish, potato, meat, or chicken) ≈$3
Long Island Iced Tea ≈$6

Na Parah

The 24/7 place to be for healthy food adepts, serving a great vegetarian selection and healthy meat dishes. The interior is fresh, based on cool colors and natural materials, with cozy sofas and soft chairs. Almost everything on the menu here is steamed, and there’s no oil or frying involved even in the familiar borsht, steaks and burgers. Breakfast is served until 12 PM on weekdays, and until 3 PM on weekends.


63 Liteiniy Prospekt16 Ulitsa Marata


Coconut milk oatmeal ≈$3
Cod with gnocchi in gorgonzola sauce ≈$7
Vegetarian steamed burger ≈$5


A do-it-all bistro right on Nevsky Prospekt offering the most popular European and Russian dishes – pelmeni, seafood risotto, classic burgers, sushi and rolls, thin-crust pizza. Friday and Saturday nights are karaoke nights.


120 A Nevsky Prospekt


Tuna and potato salad with mustard dressing ≈$6
Lasagna pescatore ≈$7
Tuna roll ≈$6


Shokoladnica is a nation-wide chain of coffee shops, and this particular location is a 24/7 venue right in the very centre of Saint Petersburg, by the Hermitage. There are classic sandwiches, salads, omelets, as well as a nighttime set comprising a main dish, salad or dessert and a drink of your choice, served until 6 AM. A huge coffee menu and wonderful desserts. Shokoladnica is a cafe chain, similar to Starbucks, that has been around since the 2000s. So if you are looking for something tried and trusted, you should definitely come here.


18 Nevsky Prospekt


Green salad with salmon and stuffed pancake ≈$5
Lemon merengue tart ≈$4
Mint chocolate latte ≈$5

Kvartira #7

A large conceptual venue with an eclectic interior, pop-art furniture, oriental-style light fixtures, and hookahs. Over 100 craft beer varieties and burgers, sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres to go with them. Frequent live music events, DJ sets and crazy parties.


7V Kazanskaya Ulitsa

Average check:



An authentic tea parlor with a Central Asian halal menu. They have a very traditional approach to cooking, with much of it centered around the tandoor stove. Baked goods like flat cakes, meat pies, chunky and spicy meat and noodle soups, huge portions and a cozy and vibrant interior with national accents, carpets and beautiful embroidered covers. No alcohol here, though..


52 Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova


Lamb shurpa soup ≈$2
Lamb, beef and pumpkin manty from ≈$2/5
Plov (pilaf) from ≈$3

Du Nord 1834

A classic French patisserie with delightful desserts, breakfasts served 5:30 AM to 1 PM and a special French cuisine menu with French onion soup, duck rillettes and even frog legs. This award-winning romantic café, a simple and sophisticated replica of its Paris counterparts, is headed by a notable chef and a baker from France. It has an excellent wine selection and a bar full of quality liquour as well.


41 Ligovsky Prospekt


Paris breakfast set (scrambled eggs with basil, tomato, pesto and mozzarella on brioche, croissant, hot chocolate, orange juice and coffee) ≈$8
French onion soup ≈$5
Strawberry cheesecake ≈$2

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