Transportation in Samara

Samara is one of the biggest cities of Russia located 1000 km to the south east of Moscow in a unique nature reserve where the Volga makes a great U-turn, encircling the Samarskaya Luka. Here is a quick overview of the city’s infrastructure to help you navigate Samara.

Samara Airport

The Kurumoch Airport located in the town of Beryoza 35 km north of Samara city center is one of the largest airports in Russia and the largest in the Volga region. The air routes from the airport connect almost all regions of Russia, as well as neighboring and far-abroad countries.

Transportation options


To get from the airport terminal to the Aeroexpress platform, use a shuttle bus that stops opposite the airport’s left entrance. The same bus delivers passengers from the railway platform to the terminal. The cost of transportation and transportation of luggage in the shuttle are included in the ticket price for the train. The tickets can be purchased on the train.

Timetable: 1:04 PM, 8:20 PM (from the Airport); 8:56 AM, 3:40 PM (from the Railway Station) – check the timetable at or at the airport information desk
Cost: ≈$2
Waiting time: 3 hours and more
Travel time: 80 min
Arrival to: Samara Railway Station


The public bus runs regularly during the day from the airport to Barboshina Polyana in the city center. To get to the airport, take bus #50 from Samara Railway Station or Samarskaya Ploshchad and stay on this bus until it reaches its final stop at Krasnaya Glinka. Then change to bus #78 until you reach the airport.

Route: #78
Timetable: 7 AM — 9:30 PM
Cost: less than $1
Waiting time: 1.5 — 2 hours
Travel time: 95 min
Arrival to: Barboshina Polyana in the city center

Taxi and transfer

Cabs are available outside the Arrivals terminal. The standard rate for a taxi to the airport is 600R ($22), and 800R ($30) if you want to be met at the airport.

Timetable: 24/7
Cost: $20-$30 (depending on taxi company)
Waiting time: 5 – 10 min (if looking for a taxi on the spot)
Travel time: 45 min
Arrival to: any given address downtown

Railway Station

The modern and well-equipped Samara Railway Station, placed right in the city center (1 Komsomolskaya Ploshchad), is a part of the Kuibyshev Railway. Built in 2001, it’s the tallest station in Europe, reaching 101 meters with the spire. It has everything a traveler needs including many lockers and luggage check-in facilities, a currency exchange, ATMs, a great transit lounge where one can even spend the night, and a rather classy hotel.

Bus Terminals

Samara’s central bus station is in the heart of the city at the intersection of two main streets – Ulitsa Avrory and Moskovskoye Shosse (207 Ulitsa Avrory). The station has a two-level construction conveniently parting departing and arriving passengers. The bus station also services the small towns surrounding Samara and the regions.

Garage Hostel
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Garage Hostel
The best choice if you are looking for something comfy, laconic and neat
Shannon Pub
As Irish as it gets in Samara
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