If this place had a motto, it would probably be – ‘A little bit of everything goes a long way’. The name of the restaurant, literally, just can’t be any more Irish, the menu, however, is a whole different story. Here you’ll find everything from snacks and fast food to Japanese specialties and even haute cuisine. Prices here are another bundle of surprise, starting with $2 classical burgers and ending with black caviar and truffle butter burgers for almost $2000!

While you can contemplate how far you want to go with the food, the cocktails here are all worth a try. There are over 100 types of cocktails on the bar menu, yet still, you have a chance to have one custom made – just when you thought can’t be more impressed, the local barmen will still manage to surprise you…

So what is Irish here? Well, the beer, and the interior. It’s designed to look like a classic Irish pub, with comforting shades of green, panoramic windows, warm-coloured walls with peculiar gizmos here and there, and even real moss on brickwork. The place also has hookah, some good music, and you can watch live sports on TV.


3 Novo-Sadovaya Ulitsa


12 PM – last leprekon!


Rolls with black rice and smoked chicken (≈$4)
Kebab (≈$6)
Sesame salad (≈$5)

Shannon Pub
As Irish as it gets in Samara
Shannon Pub
As Irish as it gets in Samara
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