The 5 routes for a stroll in Saransk

Saransk is the capital of Mordovia, one of Russia’s provinces located east of Moscow. It is a lovely provincial town, ideal for a perfect short-term getaway. Russia’s national rail network connects Saransk with other 2018 FIFA World Cup host cities. It means you can enhance your travelling experience by taking a Russian train!

First arriving to Saransk’s picturesque railway station located at Ulitsa Vokzalnaya 7 (the Railroad Terminal street), you may want to continue with a relaxed stroll around the central district. In front of the railway station there is a monument to stratosphere pilots. In 1934, three brave men went up to the stratosphere in a high-altitude balloon. Unfortunately, the balloon crashed, but Saransk remembers and honours their courage.


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From there you can take a charming old-fashioned trolley numbers 5 or 5a to Dom Souyzov (the House of Soviets), and walk two blocks along Ulitsa Kommunisticheskaya (the Communist Street)

If you are interested in folk art, we recommend visiting the Erzia Museum of Visual Arts, located at 61 Ulitsa Kommunisticheskaya. The museum exhibits the works of the famous sculptor Stepan Erzia, as well as Mordovian folk art, and contemporary paintings. Having refined your knowledge of local artscape and aesthetic sense, you have an option to taste a variety of delicious pizzas in Milano Pizzeria next door in case you are peckish at Ulitsa Kommunisticheskaya 59a, before continuing with your stroll.

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Saransk is the home to an eclectic mix of traditional and Soviet architectural designs. The onion-domed Russian Orthodox churches have a very distinct look and are always popular with the visitors and the locals alike. You can make a series of great photos with these cathedrals in your background. The oldest one in Saransk is the 1693 Church of John the Apostle, located at Ulitsa Demokraticheskaya 28, and is only half a block away from Erzia Museum.

Nowadays, Russia has embraced all the periods of its history. The Cathedral of Saint Fyodor Ushakov is a good example illustrating that. It stands in all of its grandeur at Ulitsa Sovetskaya 53, towering at the crossing of two streets bearing the ultimate communist names, the Soviet Street and the Bolshevik Street. An Imperial Admiral and a saint of Russian Orthodox Church, Fyodor Ushakov, who led the Russian fleet in 43 battles and won all of them without any losses to his ships.

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Next to the Cathedral is the WWII Memorial Museum, which is another memorable page in Russia’s tumultuous, but proud history. Nearby is the monument to Patriarch Nikon, the head and the reformer of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century. Due to his reforms Russia had undergone a long-lasting and painful religious schism, which saw the persecution of the Old Believers.

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Now relax, grab a coffee at AlekСoffee located at 47 Ulitsa Sovetskaya, and after all the walking and historical discoveries you may want some shade. The Pushkin Park is only 5 mins away, and provides an ideal retreat from the summer heat. Every Russian town has some historical heritage related to Lenin and/or Pushkin, because these two gentlemen had a crucial impact on Russian history and culture, albeit in a different fashion — one as a politician and the other as a poet. If yet another Lenin monument isn’t worth your time, a nice park surely is. Of course, there’s also a monument to Pushkin!

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Enjoy your day in one of Russia’s most exotic towns on the edge of Europe and Asia.

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