Schastie Est can be translated into English as both “the joy of eating” and “happiness exists” so in its very name this place is making a promise to deliver delicious food and blissful ambiance.

Consistently tasty, bona fide Russian food, plus a homey atmosphere, plus affordable prices equal a superb deli/cafe. It’s the kind of place that makes you wonder why can’t all eateries be exactly like that.

The space is very welcoming. The interior is stylish, with high ceilings, big windows and robust décor, at the same time it’s about as casual as you want a neighborhood hang-out to be. There are 2 different zones that are completely different from each other in terms of decor and mood: the first room resembles a hospitable country-style diner with a big communal table at the centre and the second room is designed as a rigid contemporary loft.

The mission here is to cook tasty homemade food so that you don’t have to. When the joy of eating is taken care of, you can spend more time on other joys in life and increase your overall happiness. That’s why anything on the menu can be packed to-go in a few minutes, they even do catering for family events.  The menu is all about comfort food like pies, soups, dumplings, and salads and it’s surprisingly good for what you have to pay.

Lunch and dinner meals, except for soups, are priced per 100 g. Listen to your appetite and decide on the serving size yourself. The chef has a new idea for specialty soup every week. Pumpkin cream, cheese and smoked chicken soup and briny rassolnik (≈$2/serving) are equally good. For salads, try the beetroot with ginger (≈$1) and dressed herring (≈$1). For the main course skip the Italian pasta section and go for khinkali or manty – steamed versions of dumplings (native to Georgia and Uzbekistan) with onion and herbs, both to be eaten with your hands (under $1 per 100 g). Give the dough a bite and suck in the meat juices — literally mouth-watering good.

Schastie Est is quick, simple and affordable, it’s definitely not a place to Instagram your food, but sometimes food is just meant to be eaten. When you feel like a comfort meal with no extra fuss, remember this place.

  Address: 2 Alleya Gheroyev
  Hours: daily, 9 AM–10 PM