Skuratov Coffee started as a coffee roasting business and evolved into a chain of brew bars where one can buy quality roasted beans and learn some alternative brewing techniques. The motto of this place – Drink Pure Coffee – sits as a bright-red neon sign amid its industrial interior.

They serve all the usual suspects like lattes and cappuccinos, but the specialty here is alternative brewing, in particular, cold drinks. Nitro coffee (≈4$) is silky and smooth like a draft beer, air latte (≈4$) is similar to melted ice cream, and cold brew (≈3$) is prepared for 16 hours with cold water and served with ice cubes. Skuratov Coffee also introduced Kazan coffee fans to Kyoto Souldrip that brews coffee through glass tubes for eight hours. When it comes to beans, there are four varieties of black coffee beans and six micro-lots that are suitable for filter, aeropress and siphon.

As mentioned, the usual suspects are also available, starting from espresso (≈2$) and cappuccino (≈3$) to hot coffee drinks with homemade syrups, like orange raff (≈4$), latte halva (≈4$), and latte lemongrass (≈4$). They are happy to serve decaf, which not every coffee shop is OK with. Same goes for soy or skim milk.

When it comes to food, the highlights are the brownies with salted peanuts (≈3$), carrot cake with almonds (≈2$), and cranberry pie. The early-birds can have some cold porridge, curd mousse or yogurt with strawberry granola for breakfast, no hot meals being served here.

Skuratov Coffee is very vibrant coffee house and a favorite of the local coffee enthusiasts. The skilled baristas are known for cordial service and hosting coffee-themed events like tastings and master classes to promote the third wave coffee culture. When in Kazan, you’ll definitely take a walk along Ulitsa Baumana, so make sure you stop by for one of the your best coffee cups in town!

 Address: 9 Ulitsa Baumana
 Hours: 7 AM – 11 PM