Sky is located on the 8th floor of Europa Hotel, only a few doors down from Ploschad Sovetov. The restaurant is spacious and divided into three different zones, making it work for anything from business dinners, to dates and dinners with parents.  The interior is classy, as you would expect from a restaurant in a 4 star hotel, but not overwhelming or overpowering.

The menu is far from being edgy, on the contrary, it builds on traditional Russian cuisine with a few European dishes making an appearance.

Start your evening with salmon caviar (≈$10), cold meats (≈$11), pickled veggies (≈$11) and a vodka shot. Then the 1904 Olivier salad (≈$9) – chicken fillet, beef, beef tongue, quail egg, salmon caviar, potatoes, carrot, pickled cucumbers, fresh cucumbers, mayonnaise. For the main course, they serve excellent veal scallops with mushroom sauce (≈$17) and Pozharsky cutlets (≈$8).

Sizzling hot entrées are inspired by French cuisine: two types of julienne (≈$8) and mussels in creamy sauce (≈$13) turn out to be just as flavorful in Rostov as they are in Paris. As a tribute to Italian cuisine, there’s also a pasta section. After all, Russians like their Bolognese. You won’t be disappointed with the wine selection either, whatever you end up ordering, there will be a perfect wine to pair.

In the evening, enjoy the views of flickering Rostov lights through panoramic windows.

Dining here always feels special, yet relaxed — without the stuffiness or pretentiousness one might encounter in high-level restaurant. A dinner at Sky is about as good a dinner experience as they can get.

  Address: 41 Voroshilovsky Prospekt
  Hours: 11–2 AM
  Average check: ≈$55