Getting around in Sochi

Sochi is a busy transportation hub, filled with tourists any time of the year. Here are some useful tips on how to get around Sochi using the city’s infrastructure.

Sochi Airport

Located 28 km from downtown in the Adler district – a part of Greater Sochi, the Sochi international airport is the leading domestic traffic center in Russia and a busy international destination.

Transportation options

Aeroexpress train

The Aeroexpress train (Lastochka) is the fastest means of transportation to downtown Adler or Sochi, bypassing any traffic jams. The train platform is located to the left of the arrival terminals, across the parking zone.

Best for: individual tourists with little luggage and traveling without small children
Timetable: 11:20 AM to 9 PM, 4 times a day (check here the schedule a week before the trip) (From AEROPORT SOCHI to SOCHI)
Cost: about $3
Waiting time: 1.5 – 2 hours
Travel time: 40 – 50 min
End point: Sochi Railway Terminal


The bus stop is located on the 1st floor right in front of arrivals. Please note that the buses stop at the exit in both directions – to Krasnaya Polyana and to Adler and Sochi, so look carefully at the signs on the bus stops. To get to downtown, take buses #105, 105С (Sochi Airport (Adler) – MoreMall, the biggest mall in Sochi), or # 124 (Sochi Airport (Adler) – Sochi Train Station).

Best for: individual tourists with hand-luggage who know the route and the language and travel without small children
Timetable: 05:20 AM to 11:35 PM (check the schedule)
Cost: about $1-2
Waiting time: 15 – 30 min
Travel time: 60 min
End point: Sochi Railway Terminal (# 124); MoreMall (#105, 105С)

Microbus (marshrutka)

The stop for fixed-route microbuses is located near the stop for regular city buses, opposite the terminals. They are more frequent and faster than buses and electric trains, though not as comfortable. To go downtown, take microbuses # 130 or #131.

Best for: single tourists, couples without children and families with children of 6 year old and upwards
Timetable: 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM (no fixed schedule)
Cost: less than $1
Waiting time: 10 – 15 min
Travel time: 40 min
End point: Sochi Railway Terminal; MoreMall

Taxi and transfer

To order an official airport taxi on your arrival, go to the taxi desk located on the terminal first floor, in the baggage claim area. You can also use a mobile application and online services (Uber, Yandex.Taxi, RuTaxi, KiwiTaxi) to order a taxi in advance.

Best for: families with children, tourists who are in the city for the first time, disabled people, aged tourists, tourists with a lot of luggage or those who arrive in the night.
Timetable: 24/7
Cost: $13-$20 (depending on the season and taxi company)
Waiting time: 5 – 10 min
Travel time: 40-45 min
End point: any given address downtown

Sochi Railway Terminal and Bus Terminal

The Sochi Railway Terminal (56 Ulitsa Gorkogo) and the nearby Bus Terminal (56a Ulitsa Gorkogo) are 1.3 km away from the city center. They are advantageously located near major hotels, central market, restaurants and cafes Sochi Harbor Station and the city beach.

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