Rosa Khutor resort

Rosa Khutor is a state of art alpine skiing resort stretching for 50 km near Krasnaya Polyana area in Sochi. It hosted the alpine skiing events for 2014 Olympics and Paralympics and is now wildly enjoyed by the general public. Here is why should absolutely check it out.

Accommodation with a mountain view

The resort has a variety of accommodation option to choose: chalets, inns, lodges, and apartments. Take, for instance, the Radisson Rosa Khutor, with top-notch service, a convenient location (the nearest ski lift is just 100 meters away, reachable via Radisson electric car), the most beautiful mountain views, fine breakfasts, own ski rental, a luxurious SPA center with hammam and a jacuzzi, ski pass sale at the reception and sophisticated restaurants around. if you are after more budget friendly and relaxed options, plenty of them available as well.

A meeting point for like-minded people

The resort has become a meeting point for various professionals and devotees. It offers perfect venues for festivals, master classes, seminars, lectures, as well as business meeting and conferences.

Fun and leisure

The first-rate level of service and diverse opportunities for leisure confirm the special status of Rosa Khutor as one of Russia’s leading resorts: boutiques, restaurants and cafes, beauty salons and wellness clubs, karaoke and an ice-skating rink make Rosa Khutor a true year-round resort.

Fine dining

Italian, Bavarian, or traditional local cuisine? A high altitude restaurant or a cozy terrace by the river? It’s up to you, for there is a great number of options to any taste. The first place on the list of the best restaurants in the resort belongs to the Red Fox Restaurant, well-described in BBC and CNN documentaries. With a pleasant atmosphere of a hunting lodge, it offers dishes made of local produce like Krasnodar game, herbs, fruits and vegetables, but in a French gourmet interpretation. Here, you can enjoy your time by the fireplace in warmth and tranquility, distract yourself from reality and fall into a reverie.

Fast-food and drink 940 m high

Having conquered complex Olympic mountain skiing routes, you’ll reach the Rose Stadium located 940m high in the mountains. Here find time to drop into the Sausage Club, a gastronomic fast food place, to try most delicious sausages and sausage-burgers made with freshly baked baguettes and chilled meat, and then into the Beluga Hunting Après-ski Bar to get shots and hot cocktails, sunbathe, enjoy the mountain views and dance to DJ sets on the veranda.


Rosa Khutor is the prime resort in Russia hosting both summer and winter sports in convenient and safe conditions. The list of sports and healthy-style activities offered at the resort is endless: mountain skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, bungee jumping, tubing, rock-climbing, yoga and what not!

Mountain Football Park

For football fans, Rosa Khutor has equipped the Mountain Football Park with big screens for live broadcasts, legendary commentators, DJ sets, a foosball championship, a diverse entertainment program and much more.

Party time

For those who don’t mind having a dinner turn into a wild party, the resort has many options too, like Chicha, a Peruvian restaurant that will impress you with gastronomic experiments, original cocktails, a nice crowd and latest electronic tunes. Even a random pick of a meal on the menu is meant to be a pleasant surprise here. Don’t skip the dessert list and, of course, drinks, as the bar has so much to offer, including a bright green liqueur from guarana and coca leaves.

High-altitude spa

A day on the slopes, hiking, cycling or partying – whatever you’re up to, you’ll need some time to relax your muscles and mind after – so a spa is perfect for that. For instance, go to the British Bath (with surprisingly no relation to the Anglo-Saxon bathing traditions), a spa complex with a variety of services: from classical steaming procedures to the rituals of the North American Indians. That is quite some new experience!

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