Where to live the beach life in Sochi

Sochi is the biggest resort town in Russia and sprawls 145 kilometers along the shores of the Black Sea. Its climate is really quite temperate for most of the year, with its Black Sea waters warm and swimmable well into October. In this guide, we’ll be talking you around the most popular beaches in Sochi.

Mayak beach

Mayak is one of the city’s landmarks and many tourists come here to see the Caucasus Mountains and relax. There is an abundance of cafes, restaurants and karaoke bars around the beach area, and a beautiful esplanade along its shore. As always, there is a rental for all things needed on the beach, but the icing on the cake is the “Mayak” aquapark located literally nextdoor. The location is very central, allowing you to get there even on foot. Beware, that it’s a rocky and not a sandy beach though.

Riviera beach

It is also one of the busiest and one of the most popular Beaches in Sochi, so you better get there early – by noon it’s hard to find a spot. Its situated near the amusement park “Riviera” (200 meters), so you can also visit the famous Sochi amusement rides. The territory is wide, clean and well-kept, the infrastructure is within walking distance, but if you are not feeling up to it, you can also take a bus.

Pearl beach near the Pearl hotel

The Pearl beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sochi and has everything a beach needs to attract crowds of tourists looking to spend a relaxing time (after all, this is one of the most famous beaches – it has all the infrastructure and is within walking distance). The area is clean and not too big, but it’s quite wide, so it’s possible to comfortably pick a place to spend the day. It also has fine pebbles and is suitable for little kids. You can get there with the commuter bus.

Mermaid beach

The beach is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Sochi. Many people come here because of the scenery and of course, the beach itself. It is perfect for family holidays, it has that homey atmosphere that families love. It also has a small number of cafes for you to choose from, when you feel like a snack, so no need to bring your picnic basket. To get there you can use a bus or a suburban train.


≈5.4 km from the city center

Son u morya

(Sleep near the sea beach)

‘Sleep near the sea’ beach is the perfect place to take your family to. The infrastructure and service is top notch and the territory is separated from the rest of the area and is very well maintained. On the premises you can find sea pools, sea attractions and many cafes to choose from for dining options. Overall a cute and comfy little beach to soak in some sun.

Maly Akhun city beach

Maly Akhun village, ≈8.8 km from the city center.

The Maly Akhun district is pretty popular because of it’s watchtower standing on the top of the Akhun mountain. If you walk down from the watchtower, you will reach a very picturesque coastline with a 150 meter long beach. The infrastructure is not as developed as at the central beaches, but it’s still pretty popular and very picturesque, and wave stoppers prevent sand and small pebbles from being washed away by waves.

Primorsky beach

This is the farthest beach from the city center, but that doesn’t seem to stop the influx of tourists so you’ll need to get up early to pick a spot for sunbathing. In the Primorsk city itself you will find a number of sightseeing attractions: you can explore the mountains with a guide or travel by the aerial railway “Rosa Khutor” over the mountain tops. The infrastructure is pretty developed – there are a lot of cafes, active sea attractions and more. The nature in this area is absolutely stunning to explore.

Getting around in Sochi
Overview of the city’s means of transport and key traffic hubs.
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Getting around in Sochi
Overview of the city’s means of transport and key traffic hubs.
Great food, stunning views!
Top 5 restaurants in Sochi with an amazing view
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