Pizza plays so many roles— the party queen, the on-the-go snack, the Netflix and chill companion, the leftover “next morning best breakfast ever”, the “let’s order lunch” at work favorite, the “family dinner out” centerpiece — you name it. There is always an occasion to have pizza. The question is where? Check out our hit list below to know where to look for pizza in Sochi and which one to order in each restaurant.



Wins the Margarita round. Here the classic Margarita is prepared with an original twist, the chef adds some tender buffalo cheese to surprise the taste buds. Simple, airy and easy on the stomach.

  Price: ≈$7.5
  Address: 13g Chernomorskaya Str.
  Hours: Sun…Thu 10–1 AM,
  Fri…Sat 10–3 AM


Fettuccine trattoria

Nailed the Quattro Formaggi pizza: pecorino, mozzarella, gorgonzola, and parmesan — a prooven mix to delight. The favorite treat of cheese lovers!

  Price: ≈$6
  Address: 11 Teatralnaya Ulitsa
  Hours: 10–12 AM



Perfected the Pepperoni: sausage, red sauce, and mozzarella cheese — for those who like it spicy.

  Price: ≈$5.5
  Address: 4a Plastunskaya Str.
  Hours: 11 AM–11:45 PM



Philadelphia roll reincarnated as a pizza? Why not? Salmon, cream cheese, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and oregano — the slices will melt in your mouth and you will beg for more!

  Price: ≈ $7
  Address: 7 Novaya Zarya Str.
  Hours: 10 AM–11 PM


Burgershop Grill & Coffee

First prize for the one of most popular pizza flavours in Russia — mushroom and ham. We like everything mushroom, pizza is not an exception. Try it here, and you will love it too.

Best at: Burgershop Grill & Coffee

  Price: ≈ $6
  Address: 6B Ordzhonikidze Str.
  Hours: Monday 12 PM–12 AM,
  Tuesday…Saturday 9–12 AM,
  Sunday 9 AM–11 PM