I’m a vegetarian. Except for fish. And the occasional steak, I love steak!

Penny, The Big Bang Theory

Everyone loves steak. What could be better than a large portion of juicy beefsteak, marina1ted and cooked on an open fire? We’ve picked the best ones in Sochi.


Traditional T-bone in Syndicate Steak House

If your mind is set on the super star of steaks, head to the “Syndicate” Steak House. You will get a luscious, enticing T-bone named after the bone separating two types of meat: the tender filet-mignon on one side and the somewhat tougher New York on the other (≈$28).

  Address: 6 Ulitsa Ordzhonikidze

  Hours: Sun–Thu 10–1 AM,
  Fri–Sat 10–3 AM


Classic ribeye in Sanremo

The softest and juiciest steak variation — you can never go wrong with a ribeye. Perfected in Sanremo (≈$31) and as a chef’s special with an Italian twist at La Terrassa (≈$17.5/100 g). Another reason to pick Sanremo, apart from the perfect ribeye is the location — you can dine right by the water.

  Addr.: 13g Chernomorskaya Ul.

  Hours: daily 12 PM–12 AM

La Terrassa
  Addr.: 25 Kamyshovaya Ulitsa

  Hours: daily 24/7


Exquisite chateaubriand in Bar London

Chateaubriand is a rare gem of steaks — only two pieces of Chateaubriand come from one cow. In Sochi it’s best cooked at Bar London (≈$28) with Josper ovens that are the secret of cooking any steak precisely to the desired level of doneness. Doesn’t sound right, but that’s the term used by chefs all over the world.

  Address: 6 Neservskaya Ulitsa

  Hours: daily 24/7


Filet mignon in Beefrancho

Filet mignon is the most tender cut of meat from the heart of the tenderloin and it’s made best at Beffrancho restaurant (≈$35). It’s recommended to be cooked no more than medium rare — time is an important consideration because of the price of this succulent piece of meat, so no matter how you usually have your steak, don’t risk it with this one and stick to recommendations when ordering one.

  Address: 7 Ulitsa Novaya Zarya

  Hours: daily 11 AM–11 PM

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Home-made steak in Zharko

If all you want is a good piece of meat in a homey atmosphere, where you will feel comfortable enough to loosen your belt after dinner, head out to Zharko. Here you will get a pan-cooked country-style steak made from farm-grown grain and grass-fed beef (≈$25) in a rustic and relaxed setting. With a glass of red it will be a soulful chilled evening.

  Address: 133 Kostromskaya Ulitsa

  Hours: 10 AM–11 PM