Joseph Stalin had either built or altered for himself approximately twenty villas all over the Soviet Union, however, this villa in the Sochi area is believed to be one of his favorites. The dark green building located on the Bolshoi Akhun mountain, between the Macesta river valley and the Agur gorge, was designed by a famous Soviet architect Marzhanov. It’s a post-constructivist building in a simple modernized classical style, built in 1937. The work done both inside and outside the villa was so impeccable that the original wooden parquet still doesn’t require any restoration; neither does the fine wood interior decoration or the window frames and that is after more than eighty years!

Several rooms on the first floor of the villa are open to visitors – Stalin’s study, the bedroom, and the servants’ and children’s rooms. The original interior has been preserved and it turns out to be surprisingly modest and simple. The wax figure of Joseph Stalin, with the ubiquitous pipe greets the visitors at his desk. Guided tours are held regularly (but only in Russian, so you will need to bring an interpreter or a Russian speaking friend), and you can even stay in the hotel that’s now taking up a large part of the villa complex.
The large majestic garden around the villa is a true gem – palm and cedar trees, lovely flowers, panoramic views of the mountains. The villa blends in perfectly – that’s why it was painted a deep green, precisely for camouflage purposes.

 Address: 120 Kurortnyi Prospect
 Entrance fee: ≈$5 and up
 Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM