In every city, there is a signature dish mastered to perfection. In Volgograd try Chicken Kiev cutlet and Pirozhki — you can find them anywhere, they are finger licking good and unbelievably cheap.

Chicken Kiev cutlet

You might have heard of or even tried the Chicken Kiev cutlet — chicken breast fillet, stuffed with butter, covered with breadcrumbs and deep-fried. You will usually be able to find it served with fanfare as a traditional Russian dish in top-rated restaurants both in Russia and internationally, but in Volgograd it appears on the menu of almost any fast food stand!

It will cost you less than $1, depending on the manufacturer and the filling (traditionally butter, but sometimes even cheese or mushrooms for a few extra cents). Beware, the hot butter tends to splash all over when you cut through the cutlet, so prepare the napkins and give it a few seconds to cool off before taking a bite.


Pirozhki are a staple on the Russian fast food list. Baked or fried, made of sweet or yeast dough, these are single-portion buns stuffed with endless kinds of fillings, making them a perfect snack for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Commonly, pirozhki are stuffed with meat (usually ground beef or liver) or veggies, such as mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onions and egg, cabbage, or even carrots.

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Pirozhki can also be stuffed with salmon, cottage cheese, or sweet stuffings like stewed or fresh apples, cherries, pears, apricots, bananas, jam and what not and glazed with an egg to give them an appealing golden color, while baking. They are definitely best when home cooked and fresh out of the oven, but second best is to buy them ready-made, especially when they can easily be found anywhere you go from street fast food stands to coffee shop, bars, pubs and restaurants.