Although fast food is usually associated with burgers, fries and chicken wings, these days, one can find many fast food joints that serve food popular in other countries. Taiyaki (meaning «baked sea bream”) is a Japanese restaurant specializing in fish shaped pies.

This traditional dish is believed to have originated in Tokyo in the beginning of 20th century and can now be found not only in Japan but all around the globe, including Nizhniy Novgorod.

Named in honour of this famous dish, the ‘Taiyaki’ restaurant mainly serves three pillars of Japanese fast food — taiyaki themselves, onigiri and temaki.

The baked fish shaped pies are served with eight fillings: custard and banana, sweet bean paste, strawberry jam, salmon, ham, cheese and sesame. The second fast food dish in the menu is onigiri. These also look like small pies, but they’re made of rice instead of the pastry and replicate cute anime characters.

Temakis are hand rolled cones of sushi rice and vegetables wrapped in seaweed. You may also add some salmon, tuna or shrimps. In ‘Taiyaki’ you may also try an unusual latte, with green tea served in anime-stylized cups. The entire restaurant is decorated in Japanese style — take a seat in front of a funny Totoro from a famous cartoon, it will put a smile on your face in addition to your great meal. Kavaii to all!

  Menu preview: Taiyaki (≈$2)
  Onigiri (≈$3)
  Temaki (≈$2)
  Hours:12 AM- 9 PM
  Address: 68 Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Ulitsa