Kaliningrad Region has 140 km of coastline, and nearly all of it is accessible beachfront. Want to spend the day by the water? Check out our list below to know where the best beach spots are.


Yantarny beach

Situated in the seaside town of Yantarny, the wide Blue Flag beach is a part of the famous amber coast. Amber are quite easy to find in shallow waters, and after spending a day at the beach, you can check out the Amber Factory and their quarry.  With its amazing views, parks and restaurants, Yantarny is a perfect location for a mini getaway.

  Location: town of Yantarny, 50 km/one hour from Kaliningrad
  Address of the Amber Factory: 1 Ulitsa Balebina, Yantarny

Credit: @Калининград.Ru


Zelenogradsk promenade

Zelenogradsk beach is arguably the most popular beach of Kaliningrad region, it’s always quite busy and is one of the favorite hangouts for youngsters. The stretch of the beach alongside the 2 km promenade is not the most comfortable spot, but don’t give up yet, for the eastern side of the beach is much more spacious and enjoyable. Face the sea and go right to find this marvelous beach. The territory is equipped with free beach volleyball courts and there are plenty of places to grab a bite.

  Address: 4 Ulitsa Krymskaya, town of Zelenogradsk, 34 km/40 min from Kaliningrad

Credit: @Татьяна


Svetlogorsk beach

The town of Svetlogorsk is less touristy, but equally picturesque. It stands on a steep coastline, so the sandy beach is narrower and full of shingle. The promenade offers enjoyable views and an unforgettable scent of pine trees. To go down or up to the coast, you can take the wide stair case or a cable car.

  Location: town of Svetlogorsk, 44 km/one hour from Kaliningrad

Credit: @Светлогорск


Curonian Spit

The 98 km Curonian Spit  sprawls into the sea all the way till Klaipeda in Lithuania is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Wandering the windswept and dune-straddled stretches and the ‘dancing’ pine forest makes you feel like you’re on a different planet. It’s absolutely wild, so make sure to bring a picnic basket, there are no restaurants to dine in.

  Location: village of Morskoye, 90 km/two hours from Kaliningrad

Credit: @lerou_leroy


Vistula Spit

During the Soviet times the Vistula Spit was a restricted territory. But now you can freely explore the spit as far as the Polish border. This area will surprise you with stunning abandoned forts instead of packed touristy landmarks. To get to the spit, take a ferry from Baltiysk, and if you’d like to take a swim and eat out comfortably, you can do that in the town.

  Location: town of Baltiysk, 50 km/one hour from Kaliningrad

Credit: @Калининград