Organic farm to table trend is rolling over the world for the past few years now. Sochi’s climate allows for it to be one of the cities, where it is relatively easy to join this global trend (compared to the northern Russian cities). Here is a quick overview of Sochi’s restaurants that have embraced farm to table concept and have their own mini farms and gardens they grow produce in.


Om Dom Café and Restaurant

The most unusual garden on our list, it really stands out with the exotic kinds of produce cultivated here. Some seeds were brought by the chef Maria Yugai from as far as Japan. The location choice is also ingenious: the garden sits on the rooftop of the restaurant building. You can be absolutely certain that any vegetable you have here is home grown and has been delivered from just a few flights of stairs away.

  Address: Krasnaya Polyana, 4A Komsomolsky Pereulok, Om Dom
  HotelHours: 8 AM – 9:30 PM
  Average check: ≈$25



The restaurant is located in the mountains, 1170 meters above sea level. This gives the homegrown vegetables that extra burst of oxygen to ensure a richness of taste. Here, you’ll find home grown peas, beets, spinach, chickpeas, basil… and even rye, all of which are key to an excellent seasonal menu. From josper-grilled steaks to pineapple guava guacamole served with fish – the chef’s innovative and traditional dishes always surprise the palate with fresh ingredients.

  Address: Rosa Hutor, 4 Medoveya Street, Rosa Springs
  HotelHours: 12 PM – 12 A M
  Average check: ≈$25


La Campagne

The restaurant is located in the Resident Par Chalet hotel. The small hotel garden, inherited from the Soviet times, is home to four apple trees, two pear trees, two fig trees, as well as persimmons and grapes. Seemingly humble, it is all that Nikolai Dimyanok, the restaurant’s sous chef needs to spoil the winter ski resort guests with mouth-watering jams and sauces. In the summer, hotel guests can pluck the fruit from the trees themselves, while enjoying the beautiful mountain view.

  Address: Krasnaya Polyana, 23 Ulitsa Pchelovodov,
  Park Chalet Hotel
  Hours: 3 PM – 12 AM
  Average check:≈$20


Vostochnyi Kvartal

Eastern Quarter

Asian overtones and organic ingredients sound like a winning combination. The restaurant uses only fruit and vegetables grown on the Exarkho farm, just 20 km away.  In Vostochnyi Kvartal, you will enjoy mouthwatering salads made from organic tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and other vegetables. For the sweet tooths, the restaurant offers delicious jams made from organic fruit like peach, apples, figs, pear, and more!

  Address: 7 Ulitsa Primorskaya
  Hours: 10 AM – 1 AM
  Average check: ≈$15


Grand Hotel Polyana restaurants

There are 4 different restaurants at this skiing resort, and all use the spices and greens harvested from its garden, by brand-chef Zoran Velkovich.  Zoran personally oversees and tenders to the plants in the garden. The end result is mouth watering dishes bursting with flavour from the own grown fresh basil, thyme, rosemary, melissa, and other aromatic greens.

  Address: Estosadok, 16 Achipsinskaya Ulitsa
  Hours: 7 AM – 11 PM
  Average check: Varies