Coffee is coffee — we all need it. We’ve rounded up Kaliningrad’s essential coffee shops where you can be sure to get a quality coffee fix any time of the day. At an average price of $2–3 a cup, these shops are the best deal deals in town.


Khleb I Turka coffee shop at Vorota art center

This chic cafe housed under the old Sackheim Gate serves very good coffee and homemade lemonade in the summer. The choice of food is small, but just right: pastries, cakes and sandwiches. You’ll definitely want to try their spicy pear and feta sandwich. This historical and at the same time trendy area is a delightful place to pass a few hours. Visit a contemporary art exhibition, have a cup of coffee and take a stroll to Admiral Tributs Quay.

  Address: 61 Ulitsa Litovsky Val


GS Coffeeshop

This coffee shop is famous for its friendly service and knowledgeable baristas. It’s very popular among coffee lovers, so be warned that it gets packed and although there are plenty of seats at the wooden tables, a cozy sofa, and bar stools at the counter — you might find them all taken. If you do get a seat don’t miss on their panini or a piece of cake with your java. If the place is full, grab a coffee to go and walk down to the Dvuhjarusnyj Most (Two storey bridge) or the Polshad Pobedy (Victory square) and do some sightseeing.

  Address: 1 Ulitsa Galitskogo

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Prachechnaya is a different concept from owners of GS Coffeeshop. The decor and ambiance here are minimalistic and very similar to Saint Petersburg cafes. This small and quirky shop serves mostly take-away customers, but they will certainly offer you a chair if you’d like to sit’n sip. With a cup of full-flavored coffee in hand head for the narby Ferris wheel in Central park or the historical Amalienau quarter.

  Address: 74 Prospekt Mira

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Croissant Cafe

Croissant bakeries aren’t artsy or conceptual, they do however serve decent coffee in 9 different locations and how often is convenience all we need? Breakfast until 12 AM, full lunch and dinner menu, excellent croissants with different fillings, homemade pastries, cakes, sweets and good coffee — it’s the perfect one-stop-shop for busy bees. Spot a Croissant shop near the Zoo, Amalienau quarter, the Amber Museum or Ploschad Pobedy.

  Address24-30 Ulitsa Aleksandra Nevskogo



This in turn is an alternative concept from Croissant Cafe owners. The shops are spread all over town to cater to customers on the run.  As soon as you get hungry-ish, you’ll run into one of them. Pastries, sandwiches and even soups are all for grabs apart from the take away coffee.

  Addresses: all cafes on Goole Maps