Saint Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia, no wonder the city has a well established artsy scene numerous hangouts for creatives of all kinds. Here is our round-up of the 6 favorite underground spots of poets and writers.



This place successfully absorbs and mixes all possible subcultures, forms of entertainment and expression. Here you can have a kebab while singing along (well…probably screaming), with your favorite punk band and the day after be back ordering a glass of wine and enjoying a poetry recital. The crowd here is as diverse as it can get.

 Menu preview: Kebab (≈$4)
                                Chicken sandwich (≈$3)
                                Cocktails (from ≈$4)
 Hours: 7 PM — 7 AM
 Address: 50/12 Ligovsky Prospect



A tiny bar with lots of character and extremely friendly atmosphere — you will never find it boring. People come here to laugh, recite their masterpieces and to find inspiration. By the way, several acoustic guitars and a ukulele are always at your disposal here.

 Menu preview: Alcohol-free drinks (from ≈$3)
                                Booze(from ≈$5)
                                Snacks (from≈$3)
 Hours: Thursday — Saturday  7 PM — till the last guest
 Address: 20 Naberezhnaya reki Fontanki



Jazz, poetry and graphic arts converge in Niko. Expositions, concerts and poetry evenings are held here each and every day, no matter when you come your thirst for the arts will be satisfied. Same can’t be said about the physical hunger though: their menu is limited to drinks only, so arrive full.

 Menu preview: Alcohol-free drinks (from ≈$4)
                                Booze (from ≈$5)
 Hours: Sunday — Thursday 6 PM — 2 AM
                                  Friday — Saturday  6 PM — 6 AM
 Address: 66 Ligovsky Prospect


Fish fabrique nouvelle

One of the oldest bars in Saint Petersbourg, Fish fabrique is a perfect place for soft jazz and poetry lovers. In addition to famous authors, poetry freshmen perform here every Thursday, so if you want to bring out the poet in you — the open mic is all yours.

 Menu preview: Chicken burrito (≈$5)
                                Soup of the day (≈$4)
                                Pork schnitzel in beer (≈$6)
 Hours: 18 PM — till the last guest
 Address: 53 Ligovsky Prospect


Vstretilis’ pogovorili

Vstretilis’ pogovorili’ is literally translated as — we met and had a conversation. This is precisely what the bar is about — an informal hangout where you can meet and chat with good friends, and with the right amount of drinks, perhaps, have a go at the open mic that is hosted on Tuesdays.  The go to place for many of Saint Petersburg’s trending authors, this bar is well known for its craft/draft beers, indie film screenings and of course…poetry recitals.

 Menu preview: Alcohol-free drinks (from ≈$4)
                                Booze (from ≈$4)
                                Snacks (from≈$3)
 Hours: 4 PM — 2 AM
 Address: 23 Ulitsa Rubinshteyna


Dead poets

The most famous and cozy poetic bar in the city. For those of you who are not new to the works of Pushkin, Lermontov, and Pasternak, among others, this is the place to be! Here, you will get a chance to have some of them read to you, by those well recognized in national and international literary circles.  You can also attend master classes in journalism, play intellectual games or just listen to recitals of popular modern poets. It may be the most bourgois of the underground places, but it’s definitely a must visit.

 Menu preview: Fish&Chips (≈$10)
                            Mushroom risotto (≈$9)
                            Rostbeef with potato (≈$12)
 Hours: Sunday — Thursday 2 AM- 2 AM
                               Friday Saturday 2 AM — 8 AM
 Address: 12 Ulitsa Zhukovskogo