Moscow is known among tourists for its culture and history, while Moscow’s nightlife is one of its best kept secrets. The techno music scene is so sophisticated and progressive, it’s guaranteed to surprise even the most demanding techno party veterans. Here is our round up of the 7 ultimate techno clubs a techno lover will dig.


The name is very misleading, as it has everything to do with science and nothing to do with techno. NII is an abbreviation that stands for «research institute», however, this place positions itself as a multifunctional space for cross-cultural experiments. Every weekend young talent is experimenting here with techno sounds and quite often this space is housing exhibitions of emerging artists and designers, making it a popular hangout of young hipsters of all kinds. In the summer, things like ping-pong or kicker get introduced to the program and NII gets really packed. If you’re down to rub your elbows with a younger artsy crowd, this is your spot.

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By concept Rodnya is an association of young creatives involved in the fields of architecture and event organisation and working closely with significant local art communities to develop and support modern cultural trends. By day Rodnya is a two-storey loft and coffee shop. By night, after 10 PM, Rodnya is a popular techno spot where top local and international DJs spin vinyl and a crowd of techno lovers bang their heads into the speakers.

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Dissident is not just a club, but rather a small «dissident» community, tucked away in one of the basements in the historical center of Moscow, hidden from unnecessary outsiders’ eyes and judgments. This spot is not so much a club, as it is a hangout that happens to plays techno. If you’re looking to have a non-touristy local experience — this is the place to go.

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Everyone in Moscow knows this place, it’s hands down the electronic music nightclub legend. Propaganda was a pioneer of Moscow nightlife, first opening its doors nearly 18 years ago and nowadays not only not showing any signs of aging, but being more packed than ever. Every night has it’s own vibe from soul to disco, but Thursdays are the techno nights. The party known as Sanchez Thursdays kicks off the weekend with international DJs and master Sanzhes himself. Propaganda is very democratic in both their door policy (it’s easy to get in) and prices, so downing a few drinks won’t destroy your monthly budget and the music here never lets down. If you want to party in a legendary Moscow techno club — this place is your only option.

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The Gazgolder Club was opened in March 2005 in one of the buildings of an old gas plant built in the middle of the 19th century. The club is popular among Moscow’s glamorous techno lovers. It’s not as much of a democratic place, neither at the door (dress to impress) not at the bar (the prices do bite), but you get the bang for your buck when you get to hear sets from techno stars like Luciano, Steve Lawler, Ame and many others.

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A rather new player on Moscow’ techno party scene, Pluton is located in the territory of a former factory. A truly local spot, where the line-up features top figures of the Russian electronic scene. If you want to get to know Russian electronic music — check out this place.

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Aglomerat is not a nightclub on its own, it’s a space that hosts parties of all kinds. There is a 400 sq.m. main hall, 100 sq.m. small hall, and a 100 sq.m. gallery, which provides plenty of room for independent producers to throw a massive event and on top of that all space, they’ve got some sick audio-visual equipment. So although this place doesn’t have a line-up of their own, if you’re lucky, you can end up in an event that will bring all the parties of Moscow together in Aglomerat.

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